As a Student Tolman Health Coach I spend the time to help you figure out what your personal health and wellness challenges are.

I work with you to develop real-life strategies to overcome health difficulties and create the clarity and support you need to move forward toward your goals.

To finalise my studies and become a Certified Tolman Health Coach I am personally being trained and will continue to be mentored by Tyler Tolman after I have become a coach. Tyler is a world-renowned speaker, facilitator, detox/fasting specialist, and one of the world’s leading authorities in natural health and longevity. 

Being educated in the Tolman Method of healing, which helps people to heal their bodies and live disease-free through basic yet powerful daily principles of health, I will assist you to determine what YOUR personal health and wellness challenges are.

As a student, I can provide you with a 1 hour iridology & sclerology assessment. This is ideal if you want to get started in achieving optimum health and want some direction and support but feel comfortable in carrying out the health plan I develop for you, on your own and have great self-discipline.

You receive –

1 hour iridology consult

Health Plan

Follow up call 4 – 5 weeks later

Natallie Wright - Owner Verissima Health