Whole-life Ways To Help You With That Annoying Rash

Whole-life Ways To Help You With That Annoying Rash

One of the most common questions I get asked is whether I have a natural skin rash cream. Which I do, but I rarely go straight to that. Why, because all it will do is put out the fire so to speak, it won’t fix the underlying inflammation issue forever. Neither will, in my opinion, any strong steroidal cream. What do I suggest instead? Get to the root of the problem, what is causing it?

This means looking inside and yes, it’s not a quick fix, but bloody worth it. I’ve collated some things I’ve done for my kids and used myself over the years. I hope it helps you and your loved ones.

With so many different opinions out there, it can become really confusing and overwhelming when trying to make ours or our little ones lives a bit easier. Often you will find that what causes your inflammation is not what causes another’s.

But the one thing I have found whether for me, my children, friends is that once we get rid of the crap in our diet and lives we improve, and dramatically.

Where to start –

I bounced around for ages from one bit of advice to the next so what I suggest now and help you to stop wasting time and just cut to the chase is listed below.

I’d enlist the help of a professional in nutritional medicine, more specifically orthomolecular medicine or a qualified Naturopath (such as Kat Blake).

Getting to the root cause is imperative.

Orthomolecular medicine is where I ended up many years ago, I didn’t have a trusted Naturopath in my bag of tricks. It works from a cellular level so basically where all life is created. Here in Perth WA we went and seen Dr Igor Tabrizian. No matter where you live there will be someone similar to him working in this area.

You can be eating the cleanest food, full of life, certified organic/biodynamic, yet your body won’t be able to assimilate the goodness if it has high amounts of toxic metals and elements that literally block the goodness from being absorbed. Part of this process involves a hair analysis and then follow up appointments, whereby specific minerals, vitamins are prescribed to help pull the toxins out of the system and then to increase the goodies. A compounding chemist prepares these custom preparations for you.

From here all the improvements you make in your diet will be given their best chance to work.

Alongside this, take note, literally get a notepad and pen and keep track of what you are putting into your body in the way of food and liquids. Or pop them into an app on your phone. Notice how they make you feel.

If it’s your child that you are concerned with, do this for them.

Now start to cut out all the processed stuff with the help of your chosen health professional.

By this I mean anything that is not as close to how nature provided it. This is the packaged stuff, the lollies, the ice creams, all the junk stuff and definitely all the white stuff – white bread, white sugar, rice, flour, and while I’m at it the gluten free flour etc, there are far more nutritious options available, again your health professional can help you.

Look to wholefoods, real food.  You’ll be surprised at the money you save too.

Notice what foods make you feel bloated, lifeless, aching heavy legs.

What you will find is that what creates problems for one person maybe fine for another.

For example, my son as a little one, only tolerated raw milk, if given “normal” readily available milk (homogenised/pasteurised) he would bloat, stools float and then get a rash (eczema). How did I find this out? I cut out my dairy intake altogether when I was breastfeeding. His silent reflux subsided dramatically. He actually slept through for a whole entire night! What bliss.

I was suggested ‘real milk’, but It is illegal in Australia for farms to sell unpasteurised milk to the public. It is available for cosmetic purposes only. The only alternative you have is to get yourself a cow. So, I would source local goats milk, or I would get Cleopatra’s Bath Milk (certified organic) from Qld to soak my feet in :-0 . I would also combine Rice Milk with Coconut Milk (coconut having the fats needed for brain development etc in little ones).

For him, I also limited the yoghurt, although filled with beneficial bacteria, many yogurts also have added sugars, milk solids, flavourings which can disrupt your gut flora. Unless it is again local goats milk yoghurt or I also buy South Australian Paris creek Organic yoghurt, this has no milk solids added to it which some people and kids react to. It’s has a runnier consistency than most yoghurts, this is because it doesn’t have added milk solids (that may cause problems) it’s a really great form of probiotics. You can also easily make your own.

For my daughter, I found out that the rashes would come after consuming grain, mainly wheat, and still does when we get slack. So I turned to ancient grains of spelt instead and as long as not too much in the diet, no rashes.

A topical skin rash cream will provide relief as mentioned, but you need to get to the root of the problem.

If like I was and you have no idea where to start when it comes to wholefoods there are heaps of cooks out there now helping you understand and cook with wholefoods. I did numerous wholefood cooking classes with Jude Blureau, my saviour.

I also love Chef Cynthia Louise –

I did say it wasn’t a quick fix.

This is why.

You will need to take the time to allow your body to cleanse and then restore.

A great time to take control is when your bub is starting solids. I found this is when my two started rashing up.

It’s also where I was completely shocked at the ingredients I found in a skin rash cream and why I now educate others on how to find the toxins in their skincare. It’s so much easier when you don’t have as many culprits that ‘maybe causing the issues’. As adults, well we just have to go back to the drawing board.

It really involves getting back to basics, using real food as close to its natural state as possible.

We, as a family, are far from vegetarian but I think introducing more raw food into anyone’s diet would definitely be a bonus not only for our kids but for us. Smoothies with superfoods are wonderful. Get rid of all the processed foods and reap the benefits.

Another great superfood/probiotic in a cup is kefir. You make smoothies using this it’s wonderful the kids love it and it is super awesome, I have what is called kefir grains if you’re interested to get started. A great site to read on benefits of this is Dom’s About Kefir in-site this requires a good cuppa (or smoothie) and plenty of time, there is so much interesting information. Dom’s About Kefir in-site

Watch what you wash your clothes in too.

For our son I was just using the lux soap flakes but a pain in behind to rinse the machine, so moved onto Tri-Nature, for our daughter I have found the Planet Ark sensitive skin ok.

In a nutshell here’s my alternatives to just using a skin rash cream-

  1. Enlist the help of a whole-life health professional
  2. Get a good probiotic going
  3. Eat unprocessed foods and limit the grain if advised to.
  4. Introduce juicing, supervised at the start into your life 
  5. Introduce kefir / good yoghurt, natural probiotics
  6. Natural topical skin rash cream / lotion to ease the itch as you find your way
  7. Find a fitness class or technique that you enjoy. A great pilates instructor here in Perth is Jodie Tapper, an awesome yoga instructor is Colette Corr, full on, hard yakka fitness might not be the best through this time, go gentle. Walk, swim, but just do something that will be for you.
  8. Try to breathe and get some sleep – this isn’t an easy road for many, I know it was hard going and frustrating for me.

From my experience a lot of skin issues can result from emotional upsets and digestive upsets. Taking care of where you are at, right now in your life is very important. Do something just for you once a week, if only for 15 minutes, just you no distractions.

It may take time and practise but you will get there.

Handy websites / books that I have read, used and followed – 

Wholefood Cooking with Jude Blereau this is where I started 15 years ago now, done many a cooking class with Jude starting with Nourishing Wisdom – basics of wholefood. Then went on from there.

Weston A Price Foundation heaps of info here, very interesting and helps understand the benefits of real fats

Additive Alert Julie Eady

The Untold Story of Milk by Ron Schmid

Benefits of Juice Fasting I’ve done a 7 day fast and it blew my mind! Energy, sleep, just felt AMAZING.

As mentioned this is not a quick fix and I highly recommend you have a trusted health professional to guide you, cheer you on and help you understand what is causing your inflammation issues.

Here’s to getting back to basics, living simply and enjoying life.

x Nat 

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Sustainable Living Starts At Home

Sustainable Living Starts At Home

Have you ever thought about living off the land, getting away from it all and seeing if you can make it without all the stuff?

In 2009 we moved into our home that I affectionately call, Booka Farm, I had a dream of creating a sustainable living back then, and it hasn’t changed. I gave that name to this property because it brings back fun memories of our beach shack that we were lucky and privileged enough to holiday at every chance we got when growing up. It was a fair hike from our home in the Pilbara town of Hedland, some 1500 odd kilometres away. They were tin shacks with push out windows, pit toilet and if you were fancy, a donkey set up for hot water, oh and came with ocean views and a hop skip and jump through the sand to the beach. I look back at this time and my time growing up on Main Roads camps in the Pilbara and Kimberley and know that it was this simple upbringing that gives me my thirst to find out all that I can about living simply, and to use these techniques any which way I can to live pretty naturally.

Not always easy, not always successfully, but I have a heck of a lot of fun trying.

This year has been the first year for us to put in a crop. What a learning curve. There’s no way I would have synthetic inputs. Nup, no way. No superphosphate here thanks. So late at night when my partner arrived home with bags of goodness to put on the crop that night, because the rains were coming and they needed fertilising, it meant a few cursed words when some were not as ‘natural’ as I wanted. Did they go on? No. Did we separate over the discussion? No. He gets me, whilst he may not agree with all my ideas, he at least respects my thinking.

Here’s what we did to get started on our sustainable farming journey and put in our crop as naturally as possible.

Our neighbour, so helpful & knowledgeable, came over with his tractor and bits attached to prepare the soil. Think it’s called harrow, I did ask, promptly forgot. He made it mostly himself, very clever man.

We had purchased seed – oats and pasture grass. We wanted something that our little flock of sheep could graze over rather than bale up. I read a lot of Pat Coleby’s books, they are my bible, and I like the idea of keeping on your land what you need rather than intense farming to feed others. If we can grow enough to feed our sheep so we don’t have to buy any in during the summer months how cool would that be?

Even better would be to grow lots of things to feed our sheep, chooks and us! Imagine that.

We used pelletised chook manure for fertiliser. Whilst I know, well, I’ve read this may not be the best because of the farms it comes from, and inputs they use, it’s as close as I could get with what I knew. I’d love to go down the line of remineralising the land to forgo this need. That’s my long-term goal.  

In it all went. Then we waited for them to grow. I often went and peaked out at the bare earth.

And finally, it came up. Bit sparse, but a bit more rain, bit more sunshine and it’s looking quite ok for first timers, I think. This sustainable living gig might actually work.

What other things are we growing?

We have put in some vegies. I’ve grown a few things since being here, broccoli, kale, carrot, spuds, cauli, lettuce. I think I’ve tried most things, not always successfully.

This year we put in a few more fruit trees too. I’d love to have something fruiting every month so I’ve sat down and written tree names, when the fruit will be ready.
Is anyone else spending their precious time doing this? I get weird looks from some people but one day when this property is brimming with produce I’ll have the biggest smile.

Figs all f**d up!

Whilst on the subject of fruit trees. Our fig tree is big and beautiful and normally has abundant fruit but last year it got this gremlin on it and it went all over our fruit. I asked Dr Google and from what I can figure out it is a scale, barnacle scale of some sort. I squish them and its all purpley coloured. I thought the onslaught of ants were eating them and left them alone to do their thing. Little did I know they were moving them all over the tree! No figs last season.

Another friend came over and mentioned that there was black soot too, which I’m thinking might be a result of the scale or is it vice versa?

Anyway, this year I’m on top of it, hopefully. I’ve learned not to kill the messenger and take this as a message that the trees need some extra loving, they may be lacking in something for them to come under attack. So I’m researching natural citrus fertilisers.

My detective hat is on, if you have any clue, please let me know I’d really appreciate the help. In the meantime, I’ve made up a natural scale bug killer oil.

Thanks to the crew at the Green Life Soil Company I came across their recipe online. I made up their White Oil Spray and added a teaspoon of Neem Oil into it. I’m thinking kill the bug, control the soot and we’ll be right.

This is our sustainable living journey so far. Enough going on here to keep anyone out of trouble.

We are harvesting our grey water to feed the new fruit trees – dwarf apricot, mandarin, granny smith apple, high early apple (I think).

We have established fruit trees of Mulberry, Fig and Mayer Lemon.

We planted in Lime, Navel Orange, Pink Lady Apple, another apple (died), Peacharine, feijoa last year. 

We are on bore and rain water here, no mains.

We have chickens for eggs, to eat weeds, provide manure for garden (after letting it age for quite some time) and company. Nothing better than watching your chooks at play.

I’ve started a compost heap so many times then forgot about it, then started it again. I’ve got one going now and chucking on the chook poo there too.

We did have a worm farm. Yep forgot about that to. It’s on the list to revive so I can use the wee on the garden.

We have some vegies in. Spuds soon to be harvested and we are munching on kale, lettuce, the odd pea here and there.

We’ve got heaps of roof space to collect water now with a new patio that my amazing partner built. Might need another water tank…noted.

I’m trying to reduce the plastic and useless packaging in our everyday life. Whilst I’m onto it in the business when it comes to shopping, omg, it’s not easy. I loved visiting farmers markets but now we are quite a big drive away from any and our Perth organic businesses who home deliver don’t like coming up the hill this far.

Our crop is in and it’s growing. I’m over the moon happy it hasn’t got any synthetic inputs in it and crossing fingers it all works out. If you have any tips on what organic inputs we can use please let me know.

Washing is done with grey water safe detergent and I pop a few drops of Tea Tree oil in the final cycle.

We make all our own body care products through my business. Well we get the leftovers, but hey that’s amazing I think!

We have a scraps bucket for any leftovers suitable for chickens.

I try and make any bug killers that attack our trees and whip up a mean concoction to help heal our sheep or chooks, cats & dog if ever they get into trouble.

As you know I’m a big believer in doing what you can with what you’ve got. If you’re not on property you can still grow lots of things and put in practises to help in your sustainable living journey.

I love a Facebook group called Jettos Patch, check it out, lots of tips and there’s bound to be more. If you know of some great ones on natural farming, sustainable living be sure to let us know.

Oh, and I’m letting go of perfectionism. Just do it! Give it go and see what happens, that’s half the fun right there.

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Remember, we only have one life and one planet, enjoy it, protect it.

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Is Verissima Vegan Skin Care?

Is Verissima Vegan Skin Care?

It’s not what we intended in the beginning, heck I hadn’t even noticed it until a friend, who happened to be vegan, asked the question – Nat, do you create vegan skin care products? I’ll admit I was a little taken aback, I had not given any thought to it.

You see, Verissima was formulated by a certified Aromatherapist & Gestalt Therapist which means your entire wellbeing; physical, mental and spiritual was in mind when each and every product was developed.

When a need arose, an aromatherapy blend was carefully put together, that blend was intended to help heal, to make one feel better using the ingredients from natures pantry. Creating vegan skin care was not her mission.

This blend was then carefully incorporated into a recipe to make a product that the person would benefit from using, a bit like medicine I suppose. Amazing. Arising out of need, the way it should be.

When I, an environmentalist, took the range under my wings I drastically improved every product by only using natural, certified organic and non-toxic ingredients so not only were us humans being looked after, so was our planet.

I was confused! Vegan? No, they are not. But is vegan skin care the best?

Does that mean they are not everything that I had worked so hard for them to be?

No, it didn’t.

I decided to revisit every recipe, to go through them with a fine-tooth comb to ease my curious mind & to make sure I hadn’t missed an important issue when formulating our products.

Immediately, I knew those products that I used beeswax in, were not vegan skin care. I was a little aghast at that. In my mind beeswax has so many beneficial healing benefits, plus I only sourced our beeswax from a local certified organic farm. But I do understand that the wellbeing of the animal comes first, that is what I am about to so why no beeswax in vegan skincare?

Well I did learn that some company’s factory farm bee’s. What the? Yes, according to People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) “…Factory-farmed bees are denied their hardwired, instinctual desire to seek out nearby flowers and plants to pollinate…” and I totally get that.

I was rather happy to know I was not supporting that culture by only sourcing our beeswax from a Certified Organic apiarist where the wellbeing of the animal is paramount. I know they personally drive hundreds of kilometres, at different times of the year, to where their hives are located because they work with nature, with what flowers are in season. Rather than sticking all the bees in a factory they have hives amongst the natural ecosystems and they travel to them.  

I’m not even sure if that practise occurs in Australia, I hope not.

I also found out that “…bees won’t urinate or defecate in their hives, they are forced, while trapped inside boxes, to “hold it.” Many bees—and sometimes entire colonies—die from this ordeal”. I was beginning to understand the importance of vegan skin care.

So not being allowed out into the world has dire consequences. Omg! Imagine if we were made to hold it, no thanks!

And I’m acutely aware of the pests and diseases that bees are prone to. If a hive were found to be infested, they are burned or sprayed with toxic chemicals to kill of the pest or disease. I do understand why products with beeswax or honey is frowned upon by vegans.

In my previous employment as a Quarantine Officer, part of my responsibilities included inspecting any machinery entering Western Australia, including apiary equipment. At the time, used apiary equipment was prohibited entry due to the potential risk of introducing pests and diseases here. Honey from other States and Territories had to be heat treated at extremely high temperatures to prevent pests and diseases from establishing themselves. Hence why I only buy fresh local honey from the farm, it hasn’t been heat treated and, in my opinion, it’s amazing health promoting goodness is intact and the welfare of the colony comes first. But that’s another story.

So that meant of our 23 products, 5 were out straight away. Our Rosehip Moisturiser, Lip Balm, Healing Balm, Gardeners Hand Cream and our Rich Night Cream were not vegan.

But that was it! Only 5 products in our entire range were not vegan but  the only animal derived ingredient we used in these were certified organic beeswax. We do not use any other animal derived ingredients.

What a relief!

So what is Verissima’s stance on using animal derived ingredients?

Now that I have re-visited all our recipes I am thrilled to say that what I initially wanted in our range, still stands.

Verissima incorporates purposeful ingredients in all products so you confidently know every ingredient is included because it needs to be there to contribute to optimal wellbeing. We do not believe in testing on animals, we do not believe any animal or human for that matter should be harmed for beauty. There is just no need whatsoever and those who do think it is ok need to take a good look at themselves in the mirror.

We formulate our products with the health of you and the health of the planet in mind, using only natural & organic ingredients meaning you are benefiting from all the goodness nature has to offer, every time you use Verissima. Our entire range is not vegan, and in your mind vegan skin care might be the best. I think we have achieved an ethical, sustainable and effective skin care range than many vegan’s will love, including my friend.

You can check out our completely vegan products here

Are you vegan, do you already use Verissima? I’d love to know. 

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Why I Steer Clear Of Vegan Leather

Why I Steer Clear Of Vegan Leather

You’d think sourcing a bag to house 5 of our best-selling products, ones being put together to create our Travel Set would be easy. Perhaps vegan leather would be the best choice, but what actually is vegan leather? Leather is leather right, surely it can’t be made as good from plants. I wanted a bag that was versatile, tough, waterproof and looked amazing, easy enough. 

Reality was totally different. It wasn’t easy at all unless I wanted to let go of my brands values and ethics, and I wasn’t about to do that. It took me well over a year to find just what I wanted.

I had actually given up hope and shelved the idea numerous times, completely frustrated.

That was until an opportunity with the crew at Wilde Collaborative presented itself. An opportunity to showcase our products in the beautiful region of Italy. I said yes, loved too. It would be the perfect opportunity to birth our yet to be created Travel Set. Not hard at all (whaaaat).

Now to find that bag, but where? I’d looked everywhere, googled everything. I discovered it was right in front of me.

A beautiful photo landed in my inbox. It piqued my interest. I loved the bag our products were photographed next to. Who made that? Could I get a bag similar to that?

And that is where my intense learning trip began. I thought the beauty industry had a lot to answer for in misguiding the public, and it does. I now put it alongside the fashion industry, another industry that needs a major shakeup to become more transparent and put people and planet first.

Fashion is not just fashion. It can be a dirty, disgusting and a greedy trade to be involved in. What the hell am I doing getting involved in this. Yet my heart had already made the decision. I had already decided that I would not use any materials that would harm the planet, a great place to start. Then I found myself reading horror stories on how people bleed, even die, making our clothes, our bags. I was disgusted.

My research started in earnest. I began by trying to source a ready-made bag yet I could not find something that met all my criteria. The majority were single use plastic, or cotton, and I had no interest in contributing to landfill, or contributing to the decline of our planet’s health. I ended up looking into materials instead.

How many ethical & sustainable material choices could there be?

It turns out quite a few. But not all were as they seemed.

One really caught my eye.

I kept seeing vegan leather being mentioned in different forums. Now I’m not a vegan but after reading just how toxic the tannery sheds are where the skins are manufactured plus the horrendous effects it had on the humans breathing in all that toxic air, let alone the cruelty to animals, in some cases, being reared just for the skin. Sickening. I didn’t want anything to do with bovine leather for our bags.

So, what is vegan leather? Turns out it is just that, leather made from materials that have not been sourced from animals. Pretty simple right. Awesome!

No, not simple.

You see vegan leather or faux leather normally contains a mix of Polyurethane, Polyester, and PVC in various concentrations, eeeek. Whilst ok for the animal, because it’s not getting slaughtered, this is not ok for the planet.

All these are manufactured from fossil fuels and come with the whole conglomerate of environmental issues when extracting them. Then think of the fact that they do not break down easily and when they do, they leave behind microplastics which are ingested by our wildlife and pollute our planet.

PVC itself gives off dangerous chemicals such as dioxins during the manufacturing process plus it needs phthalates, endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC’s), to become flexible.

Dioxins and phthalates are known EDC’s and when possible should be avoided. Imagine working in the manufacturing sheds making these, breathing in the toxic fumes all day, not thanks, and I wouldn’t want others to either.

Back to the drawing board. Hemp, bamboo, cork, mushrooms…. no. Not waterproof, not elegant enough. What about Piñatex®?

A material made from the waste of pineapple harvesting. What would normally go to waste, was now being used and providing extra income for the farmers. How cool is that. It ticked all my boxes.




High quality

Looks amazing

Easy to clean

Supporting the farmers

Extremely strong

I had found the answer. Yes, this material was more expensive than others but I don’t put a price on protecting lives or protecting the planet. I believe every little thing we can do, we should do, in order to make it a better place for everyone and to ensure it’s here for generations to come.

No one should have to bleed or die for fashion.

I decided this was the material for Verissima. I knew it could be designed into a beautiful multipurpose item, perhaps a makeup bag, why not empty it out and use as an elegant evening clutch on that unexpected yet exciting night out.

Imagine walking into your room at a well-earned and needed retreat and finding this beautiful Travel Set sitting on your comfy bed as a welcome gift from your host. Imagine being that host and gifting this to your attendees.

I was determined to use this material and set about finding myself a reputable and talented manufacturer. I was successful. No being made in makeshift shanty’s overseas where working conditions are well below fair. No being made by hard working people who don’t even get paid.

Instead I found a manufacturer who is part of the Ethical Fashion Revolution. Someone I could trust and understood how important this was to me.

We were done. We made zip choices, colour choices, inner material choices. It all went so well, seamlessly (haha) and now we have a beautiful ethical and sustainable multipurpose clutch as part of our product line.

Our Travel Set contains 5 of our best sellers so you’re not only helping the planet but your skin will feel good and smell amazing whilst you are away on your holidays or business travel. Every part of our Travel Set is made  from natural and/or organic ingredients giving you peace of mind knowing that not only are the skincare products free from toxic chemicals but the production of the bag itself has harmed no-one, has come from a sustainable source and provides income directly to those that harvest the materials. Amazing.

You can check out our complete kit here or even purchase the bag on it’s own here

If you are a retailer or event organiser wanting to offer this unique product, get in touch with Nat at [email protected]

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9 Key Ingredients To Boost Chicken Health In Winter

9 Key Ingredients To Boost Chicken Health In Winter

How often do us adults become unwell in winter? Even with all the immune boosting goodies we make, the help from holistic health professionals, GP’s, even flu shots are on the agenda nowadays, we still get sick.

You’d think the mix of green smoothies, juices, tablets, exercise, wood fires, Ugg boots & nips of whiskey would do the trick. Yet some of us still become unwell. So, think about your chooks out in the hen house. What hope have they got? What can we do to ensure they sail through winter healthy and contented?

If you follow us on the socials you’d see we live on a rural property with a sheep or two, a kangaroo, a veranda out the back… Ok not a pet roo, but we do have chickens, sheep, lambs (at this time of year) two cats and a little dog. Our vegie patch is small but growing and our fruit trees are in, but need some tlc.

We’ve had pigs and ducks as well.

We love to use what we have. To be able to walk up and grab fresh eggs when we need, to have our chooks scratch around in the garden and do a great job of eating any weeds before they seed and snails, what are they? Amazing!

It makes sense to me that chicken health is top of my agenda along with ours. Here’s what I’ve done recently to pick them up, keep them warm and content and get them well.

I thought you’d like to read it.

Just like us, our feathered friends can become unwell with respiratory infections in the cooler months. Drafts in the hen house, shortened daylight hours and chilly weather is enough to make anyone feel a little miserable.

I started making this meal up a week ago when I noticed a couple of chickens ‘sneezing’. I’ve never encountered the sneeze before but one knows when their chookies aren’t 100%. If it was our kids I’d be dosing them up with what I mentioned in our previous email on Winter Wellness so I got busy trying to find something just as good for our feathered friends.

I love researching, I started pulling stuff out of my pantry and fridge and looking them up. Interesting!

Porridge is an amazing warming bowl of goodness to have during the chilly winter months. Guess what? It turns out that your chickens love it too. Making up a big pot of porridge in the morning is so good. It warms the house and our tummies.

Some extra oats were put on for the chooks after I found out they love it and that it is full of protein, B vitamins, calcium and fibre.

What else did I have that could possibly help them?

☆ grated ginger

☆ chopped garlic

☆ fresh picked parsley

☆ matcha powder (can use green tea leaves)

☆ cayenne

☆ kelp

☆ thyme (only had dried)

☆ cinnamon

All of these have either been used to help chickens by some other curious human, and have had wonderful results. Some of these ingredients have even been tested in laboratories and found to help boost the chickens immune system.

The how

Cook your porridge, it doesn’t have to be completely soft like us humans like it. Once cooked enough add all the other ingredients.

As a very rough guide I added 2 tablespoons of each ingredient, except the cayenne, only a teaspoon there. Let it cool a bit so your chooks don’t burn their insides. Then take it up to them and place in a long container so they all get some and don’t jump on top of each other trying to get to it

They devoured it, I’ve been giving it to them 3 – 4 times a week.

In combination with this, on the days leading up to the full moon I always make sure their drinkers are turned off, I get out buckets for the water instead and make up a natural worming brew.

Fill up the buckets.

Grab an old sock and pop in a few crushed garlic cloves and some cayenne pepper, sometimes ginger too. Put in a couple tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Then I peg it onto the side and leave it there for a week at least.

At the moment I’m leaving the sock in until they’re sounding a bit better.

I’m not a vet by any means but I’ve seen improvements in droppings and comb colour from just the natural worming method.

Fingers crossed our oat mash works just as well.

If you would like to be one of the crew who receives our blogs in your inbox when I feel inspired to write pop your name on our list

We’ll never spam you. We’ll only send you information relating to natural health, beauty and wellness. Plus the odd farm shenanigans that we get up to hear at Booka whilst trying to raise sheep, chickens, kids (human variety) and grow some feed as naturally as possible, all the while not losing the plot.

And, if you love your Social Media, then jump over to our Instagram and Facebook pages and give us some love. Spread the word far and wide. The more people we can educate on healing oneself, living simply and having fun, the better. and

Here’s my disclaimer – I am not a Vet, but an animal lover trying to raise healthy happy stock and flock as naturally as possible. I consult a qualified veterinarian whenever needed and I suggest you do to. If in any doubt on quantities, recipe ingredients please give your local animal health professional a call.

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Living Life And Surviving Cancer As Naturally As Possible | Mind Body Sleep

Living Life And Surviving Cancer As Naturally As Possible | Mind Body Sleep

Omg! What an amazing weekend. I just have to write all this down because no amount of social media posts is going to encapsulate what has been the best Mind Body Sleep event yet. Nor will they be able to convey my excitability and gratitude towards all the local businesses and farmers that have made my weekend beyond epic.

To Nic, who I met outside Swan Valley Sisters local, organic produce stall this morning…4 years cancer free from stage 4 cancer, naturally. Bloody hell, I salute you and my heart is full from you taking the time to introduce yourself and share how you’re doing this, to have a chat and exchange recipes I jotted down on the roof of your car! Thank you thank you thank you.

How do you put into words a weekend that turns out to be one of your best in the 43 years you have been on this earth?

Mind Body Sleep is what kicked it off.

An event envisaged by local naturopath Kat Blake from Invigorate Naturopathy a few years ago. It came to fruition in May 2018, in time for Mother’s Day. It is now a regular, somewhat seasonal event. One, that, in itself is all I could wish for.

Mind Body Sleep is an afternoon for women to come together, take time for themselves and learn skills to really help themselves through the throws of day to day life. I love presenting at these events. I love sharing my knowledge on how to incorporate natural products into your life, how to find the toxins in your everyday products and why you want to know. Most importantly how to get back to basics, live simply and enjoy life and how to stay here, on this earth and enjoy being here.

The women and business owners who have previously been, and who were are a part of this event, you are amazing. Together we all seem to be putting pieces of the self care, enjoy life, puzzle together. Kat Blake, Lisa Mahon – Lava and Lavender Jewellery, Jodie Tapper – Vital Wellness Pilates, Nicola Hogan – Nicola Hogan Holistic Therapies, Rebecca Glorie – Rebecca Glorie Psychology, and Shannon Bush – Creative Possibility, made October’s MBS epic beyond words. Our chosen venue The Mallard Duck restaurant, just perfect.

Time and time again I heard attendees complimenting the surrounds, noticing the long neck turtles, the bird life, the stillness, the greenery, “we are so lucky to have this so close to the city”.

To top it off, so many local businesses rallied and donated such generous door prizes. 
Lyn – The Gifting Pot, Jen – Bowen therapy, Rebecca Glorie Psychology, Print West (gifted every attendee with a keep cup), amazing.  Kardia Skin & Body – Infared Sauna, Carla Thomas – Juicy Movement Book, Nicola Hogan – Massage/Reflexology Session, Invigorate Naturopathy – Consult, Lava and Lava Jewellery – handcrafted jewellery and us a Peace Of Mind duo.

What a day it was, on Western Australia’s small business day and during the month of mental health awareness. This event truly showed what it’s all about, supporting each other.

Many of the mind body sleep team extended their visit and stayed overnight in the swan valley and thanks to Allain, owner of The Mallard Duck, we were suggested Swan Valley Sisters. Gosh, from the moment Kat and I visited a few months ago, perfect.

A property where they farm using organic principles and where they open up to the public, on weekends, a well-stocked local produce stall selling spray free, organic and biodynamic local produce, a story comes with every piece of produce you buy, it’s just beautiful.

The connection to the land, to the grower is real.

I was in friggen heaven! But I want you to know that these hard-working, down to earth Aussies still hold down full time jobs during the week, tending to the farm after knock off, and on weekends. I know the day will come that they will just solely be running this beautiful piece of the valley. So make sure you book in your accommodation and go shopping at their produce stall on the weekends to support them.

Synchronicity or meant to be. I don’t know. But Tara and Anne-Marie source from the same farm I chose to when trialing a small organic produce stall in the grounds of Verissima House where my shop was situated, over 10 years ago. This farm Muchea Produce is run by Michelle and Mario, another amazing hard-working family, I think the first Biodynamic farm accredited here in WA (I could be wrong), never the less I remember myself or my Dad driving out to Muchea to pick up the freshly harvested (that morning) goodness to then make available to the hills folk at our stall. I was thrilled to hear they are still going strong.

This morning we woke and I was excited to get ready and walk to the produce shop at Swan Valley Sisters.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands-on local goodness. No chemicals, no unnecessary long road travel. Fresh, crisp, good for you, produce. As it’s meant to be.

To Tara and Anne-Marie, who own and run the property, you ladies are awesome. Your energy infectious and your coffee amazing. Kat hadn’t forgotten her barista skills and jumped behind the counter to help out when the busy shop got busier. This is what it’s about, small businesses helping and supporting one another.


I happened to notice a man sitting down inside, a massive smile on his face, his eyes, clear white and talking gratitude. Enjoying the morning. So content. This same man wandered outside to leave, and as he passed us all sitting in the sun enjoying a coffee struck up a conversation that will forever stay in my heart and one that I know will help many, many people in years to come.

Nic you are such a strength, such an amazing man. 4 years cancer free from stage 4 cancer! You conquered it naturally.

He overheard the word naturopath.

He felt the pull to say g’day, ..”are you Naturopaths? Have you ever cured cancer naturally?..”

Nic said no to chemotherapy and modern medicine when he was diagnosed. His words “chemotherapy would kill me, I knew that”. He shared what he has done to get himself to where he is, shared his recipes and whom he learnt from and what he does every morning to see himself alive and well, putting on weight and surviving. 4 years, far out, that is life, that is grabbing it and shaking it up and making the most of what he’s got! This is what it is all about. Learning, educating yourself, taking care of your health, taking it back and then giving forward. Far out! And all on our Mind Body Sleep weekend. Mind blowing for me.

Sometimes you just know things are meant to be, you are in the right spot at the right time. Thank you, Nic. Meeting you cemented in my heart that I was where I needed to be, where I was meant to be and in the company of those who were perfect for me. I was listening and very, very aware.

If you’d like to come along to our next MIND BODY SLEEP, pop your name on the list and be the first to know before ticket sales go live to the general public, save some $ and not miss out on your seat. 


My senses were on overload! And I loved it.

Surrounded by local produce, local farmers really set’s my soul alight. Sometimes we are lucky enough to discover that feeling. That feeling where you cannot stop smiling, where you know you are in the exact right spot and doing exactly what you love. That’s me right now.

Could it get any better? You betcha!

Returning to our chalet we were then out cutting our very own spray free asparagus and picking Valencia oranges. I harp on about getting your produce as close to nature as possible. How about that. No fresher.

I actually wound down the windows, turned up the radio and sang at the top of my lungs all the way home, up the hill, on my 45 minute drive home today.

I had to write it all down. I’m so happy.

So, this is my thank you to all who made this weekend one of my most memorable. For making me feel so darn good. For taking time for themselves. For helping us all realise that life is here for right now, so we might as well bloody enjoy it.

I look forward to the next Mind Body Sleep, date is set for 23rd March 2019. Early bird tickets will be on sale soon. If you want to know when flick us an email and we’ll pop you on the notification list. We look forward to seeing you there.

Back To Basics Event For New Mums & Bubs

Back To Basics Event For New Mums & Bubs

There's a reason I do what I do and it's all about getting back to basics and enjoying life. I was lucky to grow up amongst the incredible raw environment of the Kimberley & Pilbara region of WA as a child. My Dad worked with the MRD, so he helped build the roads...

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7 Tips To Navigate Parenthood Naturally And Not Loose The Plot

7 Tips To Navigate Parenthood Naturally And Not Loose The Plot

Have you ever heard yourself as a Mum saying “oh gosh I wish I had of known about that when my kids were a babies”. Or, “far out, what do I do? Take him to the hospital, give him Panadol, not worry?”

Do you want to know simple ways to navigate parenthood naturally so you don’t loose the plot?

I have.

So here’s my 7 tips to help you navigate parenthood and to keep your sanity, well, most of the time.

Simple things I did to help my children, myself and other “all grown up” humans to get well, feel better, get through the day.

You know what though? We are all doing the best we can with what we know, so how ever you parent, it’s freakin fantastic, keep going.

  1. We’re doing a bloody good job even if we may not think it at the time. But take a moment, look yourself in the mirror and say,

“Hey there you, you’re doing a fantastic job, good on you”.

  1. Don’t stress if not everything is Certified Organic or natural in your cupboard. I own a natural skincare company and my kids have eaten baked beans on white toast more than once for dinner.

Give yourself a break!


      1. The worlds not going to end if you’re late getting them to school. Yeah, their teacher might be peeved but hey it is ok. They are there, they are fed, they are clothed and they will have a ball with their friends.
        1. Not every runny nose, cough is going to kill your kids. It can be their body cleaning it’s house.

        There’re heaps of kitchen cupboard remedies that actually work. I’ve tried and mastered many and screwed some up too, but that’s ok.

        I share those that have helped me in my E-book – Get Back To Basics Live Simply & Enjoy Life


        1. That rash, yeah that one that raises its ugly head every now and then and you say “Far out, not again. Is it eczema? Is it psoriasis? Is it an allergy? Was it the grass, or the bottle-brush they were playing on or near? Omg, are they allergic to strawberries?”. Whatever it is, it’s a sign from the body that something is not quite right.

        Awesome, qualified professionals exist right here in Perth WA, who can help you out. I found them all. I share who, why, when and how they helped my kids, me and my family in my E-Book I mentioned above.

        1. You’ve got to take time out for yourself. There’s so much to being a parent. You’re never prepared until you are there. And even then I found myself bumbling my way through. So even if it’s a couple of minutes by yourself in the toilet, DO IT! You’ll love yourself and your kids will too.

        Or you could attend one of our Mind Body Sleep Events – wooooohoa that’s a whole afternoon for just you, can you do it? Bloody oath you can. Jump over to the Events on our Facebook Page for our next one (hint – Oct 27th 2018!)

        1. Eczema, rashes, asthma, they’re all linked and it comes from the inside. Yep. That whole “listen to your gut” well if you don’t the result is these symptoms mentioned above. It is possible to strengthen your body using chemical free products.

        It is possible to strengthen the bodies system and to stop the steroid sprays used to keep the asthma at bay. We did it for both our children. I share all the good bits in my E-book, I figure if something helped me it might help you to.

        I’m not a hard core alternative hippie, I listened to the GP’s. But, I also enlisted the help of professionals who embrace a holistic approach to healing because I knew there had to be natural ways to navigate parenthood out there that wasn’t all woo woo!

        If your keen to know how I did it without toxic chemicals, grab yourself a copy of my book. It’s all in there and until the Mind Body Sleep event the 27th October2018 it is only $7AUD. So go get it! 

        The number 7 was my Mum’s favourite number, fitting for a book all about what I, as a Mum, have tried along the parenting path. My Mum imparted so much on me. One thing I always remember is her will to enjoy life, she didn’t need all the fancy stuff to have a good time.

        Enjoy the read, let’s get back to basics and start enjoying our lives. Xx


Back To Basics Event For New Mums & Bubs

Back To Basics Event For New Mums & Bubs

There's a reason I do what I do and it's all about getting back to basics and enjoying life. I was lucky to grow up amongst the incredible raw environment of the Kimberley & Pilbara region of WA as a child. My Dad worked with the MRD, so he helped build the roads...

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Back To Basics Event For New Mums & Bubs

Back To Basics Event For New Mums & Bubs

There’s a reason I do what I do and it’s all about getting back to basics and enjoying life.

I was lucky to grow up amongst the incredible raw environment of the Kimberley & Pilbara region of WA as a child. My Dad worked with the MRD, so he helped build the roads to link the town’s.

It meant we lived out of town in a caravan in the bush..amongst the red dirt and spinifex. I loved it.

I went on to study Conservation & Land Management and years later Environmental Management.

I learnt from our indigenous culture the magic of the bush – Bush medicine and bush tucker.

When I birthed my 1st child, 14 years ago & it was time to get all that was needed for him,I fell off my chair when I realised the chemical crap used to make it.

Why? How was this s**t going to help?

I knew we could do better. I knew the answer was in the bush.

I found, after a mammoth search, something that came close – Verissima. I studied aromatherapy & alternative healing.I improved every formulation to only include natural & organic ingredients. I created new products as a need arose.

I never looked back.

Now I want to help you throughout your transition into motherhood.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing in so many circumstances and it is wonderful for us Mums to help other Mums. It was all learning on the job fro me as I believe it is for just about every new Mum, so alongside my good friend and Naturopath, Kat Blake from Invigorate Naturopathy we decided to create an event that would new Mums and their bubs.

It’s going to be AMAZING! Learn so much, have us to help you and guide you and have a few laughs with your friends.

Sign Me Up – I Need To Get Back To Basics!



Well if you’re feeling tired, stressed, suffering with sore, dry & cracked nipples and you have absolutely no time to go to the loo anymore let alone the time or energy to read a label on a nappy rash cream – this event, held at your home, is for you.

Kat & Nat’s Back to Basic’s for Bubs (and New Mums).

It’s very real for many women just how scary becoming a Mum can be. It’s a complete adjustment not just for you, but the whole household can be turned on its head. And somewhere in there you are supposed to be taking care of yourself. It can also be one of the most rewarding & fun times of your life!

Kat Blake – sleep, fatigue and stress specialist, is a qualified Naturopath and owner at Invigorate Naturopathy She’s dedicated to providing an alternative solution to addressing common problems experienced by many women prior to conception, during birthing and throughout the transition into motherhood. Kat may not be a mum yet but she’s a sleep magician and knows a thing or two about stress and how to help your body deal with the interrupted sleep from your new bundle of joy. She will share her tips on how to improve your energy and mental health so you don’t loose your shit at the never ending cries from bub & demands of parenthood.

Nat Wright – natural living advocate, owner and chief creator at Verissima Natural Skincare, has a big mission to teach women how to understand what’s in their skincare, so you can make better decisions; decisions that will positively affect your health and well being and that of your entire family. As far as Nat sees the world, it’s all about simple living – practical ways to live your best life. With over 14 years’ experience in natural health & wellness, Nat wants to help other women feel comfortable in their own skin & learn ways to help their family, naturally. You’ll come away from this event knowing how to quickly decipher the ingredients on any label (even when your sleep deprived) and whether it’s best left on the supermarket shelf or worth buying. Nat’s also a mum of 2 and has worked through allergies with her own children. It was during this time that her deep interest in natural healing was re-ignited.

Cost $27/pp


Free 5 minute iris analysis valued at $15

Back To Basics For New Mums Manual

Extensive information on how to find the toxins in your skincare

Extensive information on how to improve your sleep and improve health of your bub

Understanding on how to improve gut health

Tips on how to simply reduce the toxic load in your home

Us, in your home, a safe non-judgemental & warm environment for learning


By being our gorgeous host you receive a free Verissima product of your choice. Verissima is handmade, by Nat herself, from real ingredients providing you with a safe, healthy option for your family’s skin and wellbeing.

You’ll also receive a free 45 minute Naturopath consult with Kat valued at $110.

You’ll also have loads of tips and suggestions that we provide for you to implement immediately, and an excuse to catch up with your friends!

We’ll also be going a little deeper by helping you understand how to improve gut health for both you and bub – which can help prevent food intolerances, allergies such as asthma, eczema and hay fever.

Are you excited to learn all of this?

If this really interests you but don’t want to be travelling out in the cold & rainy winter weather then Kat & Nat are happy to come to you! We’re here to help you get back to basics and enjoy your new life with your bub.

Every attendee will receive a free mini iris reading valued at $15 along with our Back To Basics For New Mum manual.

Places are being kept minimal to ensure you get maximum benefit from this event

If this sounds like something you need- gather at least 10 of your closest, new mum friends and organise a get together at your home on Friday 29th June at 10am – 12pm.

Your bub and your friends are more than welcome.

Sign Me Up – I Need To Get Back To Basics!


Back To Basics Event For New Mums & Bubs

Back To Basics Event For New Mums & Bubs

There's a reason I do what I do and it's all about getting back to basics and enjoying life. I was lucky to grow up amongst the incredible raw environment of the Kimberley & Pilbara region of WA as a child. My Dad worked with the MRD, so he helped build the roads...

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Dangerous beauty products – eliminate Endocrine Disruptors

Dangerous beauty products – eliminate Endocrine Disruptors

Dangerous beauty products! Nothing new right?

Every year more and more research comes out that is proving the abhorrent dangers of using chemicals in our personal care products. After just publishing our latest email series on how to find the toxins in your skin care & why you want to know, I was reading further articles on the safety of our personal care products. What I read astounded me and had me walking out the room in disgust.

Why is this still happening? Why are companies allowed to manufacture such deadly cocktails?

What I find shocking and really had me raising my eyebrows this morning is that according to the medical paper – “Maternal use of personal care products during pregnancy and risk of testicular germ cell tumours in sons” published on February 18th 2018 is that –

by a woman applying a face moisturiser more than once a week, yes, only more than once a week was “associated with a significantly increased risk of Testicular Germ Cell Tumours in sons”.

Testicular Cancer – According to the Cancer Council of Australia Testicular Cancer is the 2nd most common Cancer in young men (18-39)! Is there a link here?

 The reason behind these findings this is that a lot of the everyday face moisturisers available to us are filled with known Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, EDC’s.

Endocrine Disruptors are chemicals that drastically alter or destroy the structure of your Endocrine system. Your endocrine system is composed of glands that secrete hormones into your bloodstream. These glands in turn regulate things such as your mood, your metabolism, your sexual function, growth and development. They are found in so many skin care products that are sold to us everyday.

What are the most common EDC’s in personal care products?

• Phthalates can commonly be listed as fragrance or parfum
• Bisphenol A in the packaging,
• Parabens (E.g. Isobutylparaben) anything ending in paraben,
• Chemicals used in the production of ingredients, think from the ground up. What have they been sprayed with during their growth prior to harvest.

What I also find awful is that the dangers of EDC’s have been known for such a long time. Yet here we are again, this time looking at it from a young man’s point of view. In conclusion the study noted –
“Frequent exposure to face lotion during pregnancy and while breastfeeding may be associated with increased TGCT risk. Further investigation into the endocrine disrupting effects of personal care products is warranted”.
How many times have we read or heard this? I know I’ve certainly lost count.

So, what can we do about it?

Avoid EDC’s is the simplest of answers. Actually, avoid chemicals in your personal care products altogether. But is it possible to eliminate them altogether? Well in a purist’s world, yes, it is. But is it practical?
By knowing what they are and where they are means you can avoid them. But gosh, they are everywhere.
So just do your best.

To help you along your path in using safe skin care I’ve compiled a list of further reading for you –

WHO Report: State of the science of endocrine disrupting chemicals – An 2012 assessment of the state of the science of endocrine disruptors prepared by a group of experts for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and WHO.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) The Dirty Dozen that you can find here –

Dr Peter Dingle is a well-known expert in his field of health and wellbeing. A man that I have sat and listened to many times over the years. A researcher with over 30years experience under his belt & former Associate Professor at Murdoch University here in Western Australia.
He & Toni Brown’s booklet Cosmetics and Personal Care Dangerous Beauty was first published on June 21 1999 and I would hand out to customers. He has now updated this and published Dangerous Beauty last year. I highly recommend that you read this book. I am not an affiliate in any way, I just want you to become educated and do so by reading reputable material.

No matter what we seem to do these days there is more and more evidence that the use of synthetic ingredients and chemicals in our personal care products is detrimental, actually, darn right dangerous to our health.

We need to leave any guilt at the door about what we have used up until now. We were all doing the best we could for our families with what we knew at the time. Us Mum’s learn so much in such a short space of time when our child is born. Guilt is the last thing we need to feel.

What I am trying to do by informing you of these findings is to help you understand the importance of knowing what you are putting on your skin and how you can avoid toxic substances.

Every product we create here at Verissima is made to be non-toxic giving you confidence, knowing you don’t have to guess if the products you’re using are safe for your skin or that of your family’s. Our products are available for purchase online on our website

One little change at a time is all that is needed.
Contact me, send me an email if you have any questions. I am here to help you.

Back To Basics Event For New Mums & Bubs

Back To Basics Event For New Mums & Bubs

There's a reason I do what I do and it's all about getting back to basics and enjoying life. I was lucky to grow up amongst the incredible raw environment of the Kimberley & Pilbara region of WA as a child. My Dad worked with the MRD, so he helped build the roads...

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Why Natural Is Not Always The Best

Why Natural Is Not Always The Best

Natural doesn’t always mean it’s natural! Confusing isn’t it? I mean if they say they’re natural skin care products AND it is for sale on our shelves, then surely it is right?


I’ve been in this industry over 10 years now and using chemical free skin care for over 15 years. It no longer surprises me to see the words “natural”, “organic”, “botanical” thrown around by those creating “natural skin care products” that are very far from being natural.

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to Natural Skin Care Products. I’m not surprised.

One of Australia’s leading brands of “natural” skin care products right at this moment is not what it markets itself as.

On closer examination of their ingredients you will find synthetics. However, they are perceived to be natural and so people, like you, buy it.

Because people buy it the shop owner keeps it in store, pretty simple business thinking there.

When the store owner or sales person is asked for a natural skin care product they actually recommend that range. I’ve tested this recently, in many stores. When I pointed out the ingredients that were not natural and therefore the product was not actually 100% natural, the common answer was “oh, I wasn’t aware of that”. Mmmmm such a worry.

My feet ached, and in the end I walked away more determined than ever to help you learn how to find the toxins in your skin care. Because I feel that you and your family deserve better than that.

I still get angry. But I don’t hold onto that emotion, that’s unhealthy and just makes me frustrated and someone that no-one wants to hang around with. What I choose to do instead is educate you on how to know if your skin care is natural. How to decipher the ingredients on the label so you can make an informed decision.

The products I create are made with heart and integrity, along with yours and your family’s well-being in mind, rather than coming from the hard sell and return on investment mindset that seems to govern so many businesses.

I choose to come from a place of healing and educating.

I believe the answer to many of today’s health problems can be solved by sourcing Biodynamic or Organic or local spray free/natural (in that order of preference) products and food.

But I also know it’s no use doing your head in trying to achieve this.

Even better is to try and do this locally and source from small family owned and run businesses to encourage and support them for their hard work. Show your appreciation and be rewarded with lasting health, happiness and strong friendships.

Get back to basics and enjoy life.

Be confident with the person, their ethics & beliefs before you buy from them. Not all things marketed as Organic or Natural are, trust me it’s the business I am in.


I too was very tired of Company’s touting “natural skin care products” but not practising it.

Our range is completely natural. Our natural skin care products are made from real ingredients providing you with a safe, healthy option for your skin and well being.


They are made with a range of high quality plant based essential oils providing you with access to the incredible medicinal properties of these pure oils (documented for centuries) that also smell amazing.

Try our Sample Pack for only $9 – experience for yourself how good our products feel on your skin and how amazing they smell. The best bit is you do not have to worry about toxic chemicals leaching into your body or that of your family’s.


Before I leave I’ll provide you with somewhere to go so you can check out the ingredients in your own skin care. Be prepared for a shock!


So go on. Go grab your jars, bottles now and get busy. Look up their ingredients using these apps and sites mentioned below.


TIP – Have your rubbish bin close by.

Another tip – if you cannot pronounce it / recognise it then don’t put it on your skin.

Chemical Maze – app available in the play store

There’s also another available that I haven’t used much Think Dirty – app available in the play store

I always delve a bit deeper and go onto NICNAS – Australia’s National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme website. I then look at their counterparts overseas E.g. Environment and Climate Change Canada.  NICNAS promotes the safe use of industrial chemicals by providing information and recommendations to other regulators and they “work closely with a range of regulatory partners at all levels of government” in order to “protect the Australian people and the environment by assessing the risks of industrial chemicals and providing information to promote their safe use”.

And then into the rabbit warren of information I go. I cringe when I look, but for your safety, your wellbeing and to help you become educated on how to ensure you are purchasing a genuinely natural product I will always research.

Once you’ve done your research and you’d like to try us out jump online and grab our Sample Pack for only $9. The postage is on us too. Enjoy.

Back To Basics Event For New Mums & Bubs

Back To Basics Event For New Mums & Bubs

There's a reason I do what I do and it's all about getting back to basics and enjoying life. I was lucky to grow up amongst the incredible raw environment of the Kimberley & Pilbara region of WA as a child. My Dad worked with the MRD, so he helped build the roads...

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Nature’s ways to help your kids feel better

Nature’s ways to help your kids feel better

Using mother nature’s way to help your unwell kids feel better isn’t as hard as you may think.

And for those of us with young children, or children of any age really, we do everything for them, sometimes more than what we would even do for ourselves. We all know how the world stops when they become unwell, so it’s a welcome relief to have some tricks up your sleave to help them, and you, get through.

Using nature’s gifts to help your kids is so handy. I’ve found that it’s normally the middle of the night when the s**t hits the fan. The midnight hunt for a bucket is on and the call of your own bed to go back to sleep is very loud, but you decide not to in case they vomit again.

It’s comforting to have skills that allow you to remain slightly calm, and help them through the rough time.

Then there is the next day too, a looong day, mum (or dad) is knackered from lack of sleep, bubs is cranky and has a sore tummy from disturbed sleep and a serious work out on their tummy muscles.

So what can you do in this event?

What can be used from the kitchen cupboard, garden or bathroom cabinet?

When my youngest was very unwell one night. I had just crawled into bed, late, at about 11pm, and fallen into a deep peaceful sleep when I heard the unfamiliar call of “muuummmy my tummies sore”.

I thought I would share with you what I did, and pretty much always do when faced with this. Apart from panicking and throwing back a couple of Arnica pillules with some vodka (joking, but that is an option I suppose).

5 things to have on hand when kids are unwell


Roman Chamomile Essential Oil in Jojoba Oil to rub clockwise on tummy to help ease pain and discomfort

Neroli Essential Oil in Jojoba Oil – to rub clockwise on tummy and on chest to help with sleep and ease the nausea

Raspberry’s (frozen or fresh, or raspberry leaf tea, or in a pinch raspberry jam) – to help with an upset tummy, eases the vomiting somehow

Lavender Essential Oil – for the chuck bucket or fresh lavender from the garden – with all it’s natural goodness as an antimicrobial, antibacterial and its soothing scent its perfect for this job

A bucket, actually make that 2 buckets, is handy – somehow whilst your cleaning one they invariably need another- to contain the mess! Oh and lavender also might help you and bub drift back off to sleep.

Essential oils are renowned for their healing abilities. Roman Chamomile and Neroli’s ability to calm an upset tummy and help ease the pain is well known from ancient times. Neroli’s other reputation is a wonderful sleep oil. The calming and soothing scent they both impart is magic, and helps the caregiver too. They are wonderful to massage onto baby’s tummy in a clockwise direction. The other essential oil I always carry with me is good old Lavender, in this instance I put a single drop into the bucket and after each wash out I put a new drop. This oil has a plethora of benefits antibacterial, anti-fungal etc so acts as a wonderful germ & bug slayer in this time of need.

What else did I do?

Kept the fluids to small sips of Raspberry leaf tea. Stayed awake and rode the storm. By morning she was a little better, still not eating, but better. Then by afternoon she was her bright sparkly self again.

We took it easy on the foods, started with juicing and little sips, kept up with the Neroli and Roman Chamomile and said thank you that it passed quickly. In warm weather you can make juicy iceypoles by just blitzing up some raspberry’s, and whatever else they like, add a wee bit of water and pop in iceypole containers and in the freezer to freeze. Or just use your ice cube trays.

These are some simple tips you can use to help your children. There are many more but I thought I would just share these first to help you on your way to sanity, sleep and health.

If you think your friends or family members would benefit from reading this please share this blog with them. Together we can make a real difference to peoples lives. 

IMPORTANT NOTES – No essential oil should be placed directly on the skin, it must always be in a carrier oil (couple exceptions but another story). Neroli and Roman Chamomile are expensive oils anyway, so normally they are available already prepared in a carrier oil. Look for jojoba, the best (in my opinion) and most compatible to our own skins sebum levels. We do sell these essential oils and just give us a call or drop us an email.

Oh, Roman Chamomile in a carrier oil is also handy for TEETHING BABIES. You just rub along the jawline (on face not in mouth) as needed. If your child is not getting better always seek help from your health care professional.

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Back To Basics Event For New Mums & Bubs

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Business Throwback and What I’ve Learned From Writing Lists

Business Throwback and What I’ve Learned From Writing Lists

Do you have those days where there seems like an endless noise of crap in your head?

I recently found a draft blog I wrote this time last year when I was in the interesting space of going back to work and relaunching Verissima. It was a different space than I’m in now, but I can still see the seeking I’m doing now relates to where I was then when I was writing lists.

I thought you’d like to read it.

“I’ve been jotting down stuff on random bits of paper all morning in between reading a book by Lisa Messenger, doing the business accounts, stoking the fire (it’s bloody freezing today) and making a delish self-saucing choccy pudding (recipe courtesy of Jude Blereau). Writing lists seems to have become the main thing I do lately.

Why am I in a frenzy? I’m not sure.

But I need to make notes, I need to be writing lists.

In the Lisa Messenger book there’s some ideas that grab my attention:

Think Bigger

The whole “you can do it” concept is no longer a huge hurdle for me because I honestly know I can if I get off my ass and work freaking hard at it, I’ll get there. But it’s good to be reminded; don’t get bogged down in the details. What’s next?


Now, this fits with my ideals! I don’t have to do it the way it’s always been done; this fits with me. I too question/analyse absofreekingly everything, it’s bloody tiring.

The Why?

The other messages which I’ve heard many times recently is “know my why”.

Why am I doing this, why am I making this product, why am I marketing this way… why why why? Now, this scares the shit out of me. I think we all have a bit of “oh but what happens if they don’t like me” so we stay quiet, stay safe.

Well, I know that for this to work I have to get the fuck out of my comfort zone.


Who I am, how I want to be seen and who I want to be in this big old world. This needs to be the same across everything, from social media to me daily. A good thing really because I am who I am, I say it how it is, so this bit is fine. It’s just being so out there that freaks me.

What do I want to be known for?

What’s my point of difference? What do I want people to think of when they think of my brand?

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

I’m down to earth

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon

I am here to help you not rip you off for the next sale

I’m all for helping people learn how to lessen the toxic load they and their families are subjected to everyday

I’ve worked in the Agriculture Industry I know just what our produce is treated with and I understand why, I also work there now

I am passionate about protecting our environment and in getting back to basics

There’s no reason why we cannot make our own things, we cook so we can make our personal care products

Mother Nature provides for all our needs so we can use what she creates to assist us in our health

I also needed to get clear on where I am taking Verissima.

Helping mums is where I started, so I’m heading back there again. There are 36,000 babies born here in WA each year, and 120,00 of babies born in Australia this year will be Indigenous. Maybe they’d like a sample or two.

Why am I drawn to help the indigenous? Because I am proud of our heritage; I myself come from these fellas and women and they rocked their medicine cabinets by going on bushwalks and picking from Mother Nature.

Classes! Yes I need to teach people about wholefoods, the truth about what products are treated with to meet regulatory standards, why I think they need to know this, how to whip up a balm in the middle of the night if they need to.

I’m still writing lists….

I add ‘classes’ to my ever growing list.

Fast forward to today.

I am sitting in my kitchen with laptop. I had a very busy day in the cream room yesterday. I made a decision toward the end of last year, and it answers one of the questions above I had: “where am I taking Verissima?”

Well, I’m taking it to you and to the world.

So hold onto your knickers, ladies, all of the above ramble will come at you in a more orderly, informative manner through your inboxes shortly. I’m looking forward to somehow bringing all this together and bit by bit getting out of my freaking comfort zone and engaging more with you all.

If you’re not yet on our mailing list, be sure to pop your name in so you can receive all the good stuff I’ll be sending out.

Plus as I get organised, as I move on from just “writing lists” and actually implementing some of that stuff, I’ll be touching base around workshops we will be holding. Yes, ‘classes’ made the cut!

If you love your Social Media, then jump over to our Instagram and Facebook pages and give us some love. Spread the word far and wide. The more people we can educate on healing oneself, living simply and having fun, the better.

and sign up to receive titbits on natural health, beauty & wellness as well as some farm shenanigans we get up to here on Booka Farm. I’ll try and include wholefood recipes, like I’ve always done and basic simple ways you can help to heal your family with what you have in your pantry. If you know what you want, and if you’re running out of your favourite product jump over to the website and pop your order in or give me a call and order over the phone.

We’re here and ready to lovingly whip up your products for you.

Oh, and perhaps add a few more things to that list…

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