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Booka Farm – Home to Verissima Natural Skincare / Ridgey Didge Roofing oh and us!

I would like to introduce you all to our Farm. We lived here for some time before it found its name.

The name Booka originates from a special place that both Brad and I hold close to our hearts.

It’s even the place that Brad and I met when youngins. I have photos of me on the beach as a wee baby.

Nothing fancy, tin shacks, pit toilet, push out windows, no air con, no tv, no phones, hot water from a “donky set-up” comprising of 44 gallon drums or hot water boiled on a wood stove and poured into a tin bath. Yep nothing fancy but everything about Booka Valley was fun – spotlighting with friends, catching occy/crays and fish galore, spending time with other family and friends (if there at the same time), dancing, seals, bonfires, motorbikes, roo & rabbit shooting (it was one way to get food) and adding on extra rooms if needed.


Every Chrissy holidays we would jump in the car and drive down from Hedland up in the Pilbara – that was part of the excitement.

We gave this name to our home because we intend it to be all things “back to basics” and “back to the good times”,

life does not need to be complicated.

I would love to be as self-sufficient as possible and to help others learn about farming naturally whether in your back yard or on acreage. I don’t know much yet myself, but I’m learning….. hands on style.

So we have started without even knowing it really. We brought the farm with a few sheep and pigs and then we brought some chooks (for eggs, as a bonus its fun to watch them and hatch little chicks) then I brought Verissima home. Oh and birthed our little girl Jessie here as well. WOW.

So far we can create our health products, we can grow our veg, breed sheep/pigs and chooks. Now to grow stock feed so we don’t have to buy it in, and remineralise the paddocks so we can do this without the input of synthetic chemicals. Oh and get some solar panels ASAP.. .whilst we catch a bit of rain we need more tanks so we rely on bore water a fair bit and the pump drains power like you wouldn’t believe.

I’m being guided by the books written by Pat Coleby – lots and lots to learn when it comes to soil health and regeneration, my study days are coming back to me, best I dig out my notes.

But it is fun, and this is where I will share our triumphs and challenges and photos along with me popping bits and pieces on our blog too.

Does your property have a name? What did you name it for? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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