If there’s one main message I want to get across to people, it would be that we don’t need all the fancy stuff to get by in life, we can make our own products if we so wish.

We don’t need all the “organic” this and “organic” that, we can source pure ingredients without the price tag.

The truth is, I get so sick of people jumping on the ‘organic’ bandwagon just for sales. Because for me, it’s about the people taking the time to farm ethically — those who actually give a crap. You don’t need all those synthetic inputs, so why use them in your products? Get back to basics; cook with real ingredients.

Now I don’t want to come across as a purist. I’m just little ol’ me who drinks loads of beer, and it’s not organic! I too grab whatever I can from the local store, I don’t always buy organic, but I prefer to when I can.

But I like buying from the person who has done the back breaking work. There’s something nice about that. I just think people need to know that they can have fantastic natural products at an affordable price, and that it is made by me — a human who cares.

Time to lighten up and have a bit of fun!

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If there's one main message I want to get across to people, it would be that we don’t need all the fancy stuff to get by in life, we can make our own products if we so wish. We don’t need all the “organic” this and “organic” that, we can source pure ingredients...

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Toxic beauty!

Nothing new right?


Well let’s delve a little deeper, let’s discover the 5 key elements to keep in mind when purchasing your everyday beauty products.

It’s not just the toxins that matter.

Join us in “How To Find The Toxins In Your Skin Care And Why You Want To Know” to become educated but also to discover why it matters and simple ways to make your purchasing decisions easier.

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