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Magazine Style Homepage

A beautiful, image-focussed homepage, which draws the user in to specific areas of your site. Styled as an asymmetrical grid, this is not an effect you can achieve “out-of-the-box” in Divi without knowing CSS; in imagine, all you need to understand is how to use the Divi builder.

Full-width pages with light and dark menu

Beautiful full-width pages which will remain full-screen regardless of the amount of content. Is your image too dark for the menu? No worries! We’ve got you covered.

Customised Blog Module, custom Category & Search pages

See them here: Blog ModuleCategory PageSearch (with results)

(To see what the “no results” Search page looks like, search for something obscure!)

WooCommerce Ready

Comes with in-built styling for WooCommerce products, pages, buttons etc, so you can be sure you’re offering your customers a consistent experience across the site. Check it out here.

Additional Social Media icons

Add links to your Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram accounts directly through Divi’s native epanel

Custom Footer and Sidebar

The oft-neglected sidebar comes with inbuilt styling, turning each widget into a standalone block which seamlessly match the aesthetics of the rest of the site. See it in action here. Imagine also features a beautiful footer image which flows seamlessly into the background colour of the site.

Page and Module Library

Not only is each page on this demo supplied as a Divi Library file, but the file also contains a library of the individual modules used on each page, giving you limitless options.

Divi 2.7 allows for import / export of theme setting across the entire site; imagine utilises that to its fullest extent, making the set-up as seamless as possible, and also uses Divi’s new custom colour palette option.

Full Documentation

Imagine comes bundled with full documentation on how to install, set-up and create the pages and features you can see in this demo.

All photos used on this demo site are CC0 Public Domain licensed and were sourced through Pexels.

All videos were created by Sonny Malhotra, who is incredibly talented and available to hire.

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