Events, Retreats, Health Coaching, And Our Award Winning Natural Skincare Provide You With Everything You Need To Experience Optimal Health 

Do you have those days where there seems like an endless noise of crap in your head?

Am I doing the right thing? Should I be doing this? In 2021 I decided to listen to the loudest noise, share all I’ve learned about natural health, how we can become our own physicians, heal ourselves of the aches and pains, inflammation, bloat, lethargy, constipation, so that we can live a long, energy filled, vibrant life free of dis-ease?

I found my mentor and teacher in Tyler Tolman.

Who’s Tyler? Why him?

I heard Tyler’s Dad, Don Tolman speak many years ago. Back when I was feeling like the only one who thought mother nature provided all we needed to heal. I had my natural skincare business up and running and was trying to share this message through that business.

Back then it was weird for someone to think differently to the ‘establishment’, you’re a bloody hippy Nat, but Don had been doing things differently for decades, so I wasn’t nuts after all. He had been sharing what it was that I was looking for. The key, yet simple truth: how to use what nature provides to heal. This was mymissing piece.

Man was I excited! This is it; I knew it.

I left that presentation full of life ready to change the world. I kept eating the certified organic, or was it biodynamic meat. The raw milk, raised my own free-range chickens with certified organic feed, ate their eggs along with all the other “wholefoods” I knew were fantastic for me. I even reared our own sheep on our chemical free land to fill our freezer with and grew some spray free vegies.

Why was I still feeling like sh*t?

I had misunderstood one thing, and what I was doing was not how you heal yourself.

Whole-foods are what nature created, as close to how she created it. I had been saying that for years. But, she didn’t birth the cow, or the sheep or the chicken. No, she provided the soil, the rain, the sunshine for the seed to germinate, for the plant to grow, to bare the fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains for us to eat. How simple is that? There was also 6 other very important principles to follow to ensure true health.

As a result of my choices my body was filled with inflammation, I was looking ok from the outside but I was lifeless, with no energy, bloated, feeling like crap, and filled with crap basically. I was looking down the barrel of a grim diagnosis, so a GP told me after numerous tests. 

Time to disrupt, get this train wreck back on track.

I immediately began a 4-day colon cleanse, followed by a 14-day juice fast, and finished with a salt flush on the morning of my colonoscopy. That means exactly what it reads, no foods other than juice and water, and I thrived! 

How did I know how to do this?

I discovered Tyler Tolman after hearing Don, signed up, and completed his 7-day online juice cleanse. Back then it got rid of all my symptoms and boy did I feel bloody amazing! But because I had missed the key point, I continued my life the way I always had, so I once again started feeling like I had before. Simple!

What changed?

Apparently, the world did, and in her wisdom, made the teachings of Tyler more accessible to me. I jumped at the chance and signed up to the virtual H.E.A.L event, 3 days of mind-blowing, heart-warming education and inspiration to get me on track to Divine Health.

I continued learning from Tyler and it all finally sunk in, all the pieces fell into place. I’m now, not far from completing my final assessments and becoming a Tolman Health Coach and I want to help you to learn the 7 principles of health that I have, to make simple yet life-changing steps to heal yourself so that you can seize every day, filled with energy.

It’s amazing! I feel amazing! And I want you too.

Let’s get clear on what Verissima Health is all about: learning how to heal yourself.

Verissima means truest of true in Italian, real. It fits perfectly, the truest of true health, keeping it real.

  • Classes, events! I want to teach people about the principles of health I have learned from the Tolman’s. I also want to share the truth about what products are treated with to meet regulatory standards & why I think you need to know this. I want to show you how to whip up a balm in the middle of the night if you need to, or create a yummy whole-food snack that your Kit-Kat-addicted friends will love. 

I’ve created our first event. It’s happening on September 10th.

  • 1:1 consults. I sit down with you and work with you 1 on 1 to get you back to that state of real health. 

Will I still be creating natural skincare products?

  • You betcha! But only a few. I’ll be including our therapeutic oil blends, remember them? Heavenly Balance, Digestive Ease, Inhale & Heal, Chest Rub, Peace Of Mind….

You’re excited, I can feel it.

I’m looking forward to bringing all this together and bit by bit getting even more out of my freaking comfort zone and engaging with you all.

So come on, join me at one or all of the places below –

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Book in for a 1-on-1 consult with me, by doing so you will be helping this student (me) complete her studies and become a fully-fledged Tolman Health Coach, yes! I will guide you through your healing and help keep you accountable and get you back to that state of real health

Come along to our in-person 1-day event, Get Back To Basics, Live Simply, Enjoy Life, I’d love to meet you