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Omg! What an amazing weekend. I just have to write all this down because no amount of social media posts is going to encapsulate what has been the best Mind Body Sleep event yet. Nor will they be able to convey my excitability and gratitude towards all the local businesses and farmers that have made my weekend beyond epic.

To Nic, who I met outside Swan Valley Sisters local, organic produce stall this morning…4 years cancer free from stage 4 cancer, naturally. Bloody hell, I salute you and my heart is full from you taking the time to introduce yourself and share how you’re doing this, to have a chat and exchange recipes I jotted down on the roof of your car! Thank you thank you thank you.

How do you put into words a weekend that turns out to be one of your best in the 43 years you have been on this earth?

Mind Body Sleep is what kicked it off.

An event envisaged by local naturopath Kat Blake from Invigorate Naturopathy a few years ago. It came to fruition in May 2018, in time for Mother’s Day. It is now a regular, somewhat seasonal event. One, that, in itself is all I could wish for.

Mind Body Sleep is an afternoon for women to come together, take time for themselves and learn skills to really help themselves through the throws of day to day life. I love presenting at these events. I love sharing my knowledge on how to incorporate natural products into your life, how to find the toxins in your everyday products and why you want to know. Most importantly how to get back to basics, live simply and enjoy life and how to stay here, on this earth and enjoy being here.

The women and business owners who have previously been, and who were are a part of this event, you are amazing. Together we all seem to be putting pieces of the self care, enjoy life, puzzle together. Kat Blake, Lisa Mahon – Lava and Lavender Jewellery, Jodie Tapper – Vital Wellness Pilates, Nicola Hogan – Nicola Hogan Holistic Therapies, Rebecca Glorie – Rebecca Glorie Psychology, and Shannon Bush – Creative Possibility, made October’s MBS epic beyond words. Our chosen venue The Mallard Duck restaurant, just perfect.

Time and time again I heard attendees complimenting the surrounds, noticing the long neck turtles, the bird life, the stillness, the greenery, “we are so lucky to have this so close to the city”.

To top it off, so many local businesses rallied and donated such generous door prizes. 
Lyn – The Gifting Pot, Jen – Bowen therapy, Rebecca Glorie Psychology, Print West (gifted every attendee with a keep cup), amazing.  Kardia Skin & Body – Infared Sauna, Carla Thomas – Juicy Movement Book, Nicola Hogan – Massage/Reflexology Session, Invigorate Naturopathy – Consult, Lava and Lava Jewellery – handcrafted jewellery and us a Peace Of Mind duo.

What a day it was, on Western Australia’s small business day and during the month of mental health awareness. This event truly showed what it’s all about, supporting each other.

Many of the mind body sleep team extended their visit and stayed overnight in the swan valley and thanks to Allain, owner of The Mallard Duck, we were suggested Swan Valley Sisters. Gosh, from the moment Kat and I visited a few months ago, perfect.

A property where they farm using organic principles and where they open up to the public, on weekends, a well-stocked local produce stall selling spray free, organic and biodynamic local produce, a story comes with every piece of produce you buy, it’s just beautiful.

The connection to the land, to the grower is real.

I was in friggen heaven! But I want you to know that these hard-working, down to earth Aussies still hold down full time jobs during the week, tending to the farm after knock off, and on weekends. I know the day will come that they will just solely be running this beautiful piece of the valley. So make sure you book in your accommodation and go shopping at their produce stall on the weekends to support them.

Synchronicity or meant to be. I don’t know. But Tara and Anne-Marie source from the same farm I chose to when trialing a small organic produce stall in the grounds of Verissima House where my shop was situated, over 10 years ago. This farm Muchea Produce is run by Michelle and Mario, another amazing hard-working family, I think the first Biodynamic farm accredited here in WA (I could be wrong), never the less I remember myself or my Dad driving out to Muchea to pick up the freshly harvested (that morning) goodness to then make available to the hills folk at our stall. I was thrilled to hear they are still going strong.

This morning we woke and I was excited to get ready and walk to the produce shop at Swan Valley Sisters.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands-on local goodness. No chemicals, no unnecessary long road travel. Fresh, crisp, good for you, produce. As it’s meant to be.

To Tara and Anne-Marie, who own and run the property, you ladies are awesome. Your energy infectious and your coffee amazing. Kat hadn’t forgotten her barista skills and jumped behind the counter to help out when the busy shop got busier. This is what it’s about, small businesses helping and supporting one another.


I happened to notice a man sitting down inside, a massive smile on his face, his eyes, clear white and talking gratitude. Enjoying the morning. So content. This same man wandered outside to leave, and as he passed us all sitting in the sun enjoying a coffee struck up a conversation that will forever stay in my heart and one that I know will help many, many people in years to come.

Nic you are such a strength, such an amazing man. 4 years cancer free from stage 4 cancer! You conquered it naturally.

He overheard the word naturopath.

He felt the pull to say g’day, ..”are you Naturopaths? Have you ever cured cancer naturally?..”

Nic said no to chemotherapy and modern medicine when he was diagnosed. His words “chemotherapy would kill me, I knew that”. He shared what he has done to get himself to where he is, shared his recipes and whom he learnt from and what he does every morning to see himself alive and well, putting on weight and surviving. 4 years, far out, that is life, that is grabbing it and shaking it up and making the most of what he’s got! This is what it is all about. Learning, educating yourself, taking care of your health, taking it back and then giving forward. Far out! And all on our Mind Body Sleep weekend. Mind blowing for me.

Sometimes you just know things are meant to be, you are in the right spot at the right time. Thank you, Nic. Meeting you cemented in my heart that I was where I needed to be, where I was meant to be and in the company of those who were perfect for me. I was listening and very, very aware.

If you’d like to come along to our next MIND BODY SLEEP, pop your name on the list and be the first to know before ticket sales go live to the general public, save some $ and not miss out on your seat. 


My senses were on overload! And I loved it.

Surrounded by local produce, local farmers really set’s my soul alight. Sometimes we are lucky enough to discover that feeling. That feeling where you cannot stop smiling, where you know you are in the exact right spot and doing exactly what you love. That’s me right now.

Could it get any better? You betcha!

Returning to our chalet we were then out cutting our very own spray free asparagus and picking Valencia oranges. I harp on about getting your produce as close to nature as possible. How about that. No fresher.

I actually wound down the windows, turned up the radio and sang at the top of my lungs all the way home, up the hill, on my 45 minute drive home today.

I had to write it all down. I’m so happy.

So, this is my thank you to all who made this weekend one of my most memorable. For making me feel so darn good. For taking time for themselves. For helping us all realise that life is here for right now, so we might as well bloody enjoy it.

I look forward to the next Mind Body Sleep, date is set for 23rd March 2019. Early bird tickets will be on sale soon. If you want to know when flick us an email and we’ll pop you on the notification list. We look forward to seeing you there.

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