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Natural doesn’t always mean it’s natural! Confusing isn’t it? I mean if they say they’re natural skin care products AND it is for sale on our shelves, then surely it is right?


I’ve been in this industry over 10 years now and using chemical free skin care for over 15 years. It no longer surprises me to see the words “natural”, “organic”, “botanical” thrown around by those creating “natural skin care products” that are very far from being natural.

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to Natural Skin Care Products. I’m not surprised.

One of Australia’s leading brands of “natural” skin care products right at this moment is not what it markets itself as.

On closer examination of their ingredients you will find synthetics. However, they are perceived to be natural and so people, like you, buy it.

Because people buy it the shop owner keeps it in store, pretty simple business thinking there.

When the store owner or sales person is asked for a natural skin care product they actually recommend that range. I’ve tested this recently, in many stores. When I pointed out the ingredients that were not natural and therefore the product was not actually 100% natural, the common answer was “oh, I wasn’t aware of that”. Mmmmm such a worry.

My feet ached, and in the end I walked away more determined than ever to help you learn how to find the toxins in your skin care. Because I feel that you and your family deserve better than that.

I still get angry. But I don’t hold onto that emotion, that’s unhealthy and just makes me frustrated and someone that no-one wants to hang around with. What I choose to do instead is educate you on how to know if your skin care is natural. How to decipher the ingredients on the label so you can make an informed decision.

The products I create are made with heart and integrity, along with yours and your family’s well-being in mind, rather than coming from the hard sell and return on investment mindset that seems to govern so many businesses.

I choose to come from a place of healing and educating.

I believe the answer to many of today’s health problems can be solved by sourcing Biodynamic or Organic or local spray free/natural (in that order of preference) products and food.

But I also know it’s no use doing your head in trying to achieve this.

Even better is to try and do this locally and source from small family owned and run businesses to encourage and support them for their hard work. Show your appreciation and be rewarded with lasting health, happiness and strong friendships.

Get back to basics and enjoy life.

Be confident with the person, their ethics & beliefs before you buy from them. Not all things marketed as Organic or Natural are, trust me it’s the business I am in.


I too was very tired of Company’s touting “natural skin care products” but not practising it.

Our range is completely natural. Our natural skin care products are made from real ingredients providing you with a safe, healthy option for your skin and well being.


They are made with a range of high quality plant based essential oils providing you with access to the incredible medicinal properties of these pure oils (documented for centuries) that also smell amazing.

Try our Sample Pack for only $9 – experience for yourself how good our products feel on your skin and how amazing they smell. The best bit is you do not have to worry about toxic chemicals leaching into your body or that of your family’s.


Before I leave I’ll provide you with somewhere to go so you can check out the ingredients in your own skin care. Be prepared for a shock!


So go on. Go grab your jars, bottles now and get busy. Look up their ingredients using these apps and sites mentioned below.


TIP – Have your rubbish bin close by.

Another tip – if you cannot pronounce it / recognise it then don’t put it on your skin.

Chemical Maze – app available in the play store

There’s also another available that I haven’t used much Think Dirty – app available in the play store

I always delve a bit deeper and go onto NICNAS – Australia’s National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme website. I then look at their counterparts overseas E.g. Environment and Climate Change Canada.  NICNAS promotes the safe use of industrial chemicals by providing information and recommendations to other regulators and they “work closely with a range of regulatory partners at all levels of government” in order to “protect the Australian people and the environment by assessing the risks of industrial chemicals and providing information to promote their safe use”.

And then into the rabbit warren of information I go. I cringe when I look, but for your safety, your wellbeing and to help you become educated on how to ensure you are purchasing a genuinely natural product I will always research.

Once you’ve done your research and you’d like to try us out jump online and grab our Sample Pack for only $9. The postage is on us too. Enjoy.

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