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Piñatex® Pineapple Leather Clutch


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Stylish, versatile and durable, our custom-designed, chic, multipurpose clutch is made with a pineapple leather outer, Piñatex®. It’s an amazing material, sustainably produced and inspired by the principles of the circular economy.

Planet and people-friendly, this innovative material is a substitute for pleather - synthetic materials that are mass produced as leather but have a very heavy environmental and welfare impact. You can read more about why I gave that the finger here.

Our product is ethically made, using the by-product of pineapple farming. Normally the discarded leaves would be burned, here they are providing a new income stream for the farmers and without any additional resources (land, water, labour). 

Ladies, we've created a beautiful pineapple leather bag for you that is not only ethical & sustainable but has a myriad of uses. 

The only thing you need to decide is what to wear with it!

1 x multipurpose pineapple leather clutch –

Outer lining Pinatex leather 
dimensions L:21cm(at base) L:18cm (at zip line) x H:16cm x D:4cm at base

Deadstock 100% cotton lining
(deadstock is material that has never been sold or used by customers before being removed from sale. Our manufacturer uses the end of roll lengths no longer required by a designer, fabrics with flaws they can work around, crafts-people destashing, swatches…..often high quality but surplus to requirements and have the potential to end up in landfill).

Zip Closure


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Product short description

Sustainably sourced, ethically made, chic! This is the perfect vegan leather around, our multipurpose pineapple leather clutch is created with the wellbeing of the people and the planet in mind.

No-one should have to bleed or die for fashion. We found our maker by chance, we chose to work with her due to her values. Very similar to ours.

Ask yourself who made my bag, search up on the socials #whomademybag and #imadeyourbag. Look into the history behind the Fashion Revolution and let’s help make this world a better place for all.


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