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Refreshing Mists Bundle


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What is more refreshing and relaxing than an awesome face mist. We put them all together in our Refreshing Mists Bundle so you don't have to pick your favs. 

Perfect as an end of year office Secret Santa, teacher gift, stocking filler or as beautiful Christmas table decorations.

What are you getting?

Fresh Air Mist - With a spicy, fruity and uplifting fragrance our Fresh Air Mist is perfect for clearing and deoderising stale odors. It will definitely bring a breathe of fresh air into your home or car or boots or loo!

Energising Mist - We chose essential oils in our Energising Mist that are well known for their ability to lift you up, re-energise you, clear your head and to shift your mood very quickly. It’s amazing just how well it works.

Peace of Mind Mist -Take this everywhere with you!
We’ve made this beautiful calming spray with essential oils reputed for instantly calming your heart and uplifting your emotions. It’s absolutely perfect to use before public speaking, exams or other stressful situations.

Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray - Perfect to make part of the bedtime / naptime routine. Our Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray will help you or your wee one to drift off into a peaceful sleep. Just spritz around the room or onto the pillow before hopping in to take a nap.

Rose water Mist  - absolutely fantastic for itchy inflamed eyes, for toning, healing and soothing your skin. Amazing as an after sun refresher as well, or just as an everyday refresher!

Pop these in your bag and take with you wherever you go!



Energising Face Mist – Distilled water, Hamamelis virginiana (witchhazel) distillate, Homeopathic Rescue Remedy, Essential Oils of Peppermint, Lemon, Lavender, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang & Bergamot, Meditation Oil

Calming Peace Of Mind Mist – Distilled water, Witchhazel, 13 Esssential Oils of our Peace of Mind Synergistic Blend

Spicy Fruity and Uplifing Fresh Air Mist – Distilled water, Hamamelis virginiana (witchhazel) distillate, Essential Oils of Lavender, Lime & cinnamon*Leaf

Calming Pillow Spray For Sweet Dreams – Distilled water, Hamamelis virginiana (withch hazel) distillate, Essential oils of Lavender, Mandarin, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang & Roman Chamomile

Refreshing Rosewater Face Mist – Rosa Damascena Flower Water * – *certified organic ingredient


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Product short description

Refreshing Mists for your Christmas holidays.

All 5 together, what a special treat. Through the use of essential oils you avoid synthetic fragrances giving you the opportunity to reap the rewards the ancient principles of aromatherapy provide.

Each mist is made with purposeful ingredients so you confidently know every ingredient is included because it needs to be there to contribute to optimal wellbeing. 

No need to choose which one – just jump in and save.

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