Reviving and Uplifting Natural Bath Salts


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Imagine soaking in a bath filled with ancient healing salts renowned for hydrating, cleansing, disinfecting, exfoliating, promoting youthfulness, soothing sore muscles and aiding the relief of psoriasis!

The Dead Sea is thought to be over 15 million years old and it is said that many a person with varying ailments have set out on a pilgrimage to bathe in its blissful, although extremely salty, healing waters. I mean, gosh, who wouldn't with all that goodness in it.

But rather than you heading off thousands of kilometers away to the shores that lie between Jordan, Israel and Palestine, I thought we would pop some in a jar for you and add in some pure plant based essential oils that are renowned for giving you a bit of a pick me up. 

And if you don't have a bath, no problems, these work amazingly well as a foot soak. 

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Product short description

So what’s the secret to the Dead Sea Salts?

Researches are of the belief it is the very rich mineral composition which comprises of Bromides and Iodine as well as Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium and Potassium. It’s these minerals working their magic that may help in relieving so many annoying ailments.

Popping just a tablespoon or two into your bath, or in your foot bath is bound to help you feel amazing. 

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