Our Recipe for my Mum’s Pea and Ham Soup

For me winter is about cold cold days, wood fires burning for warmth and a nice warming soup to nourish our bodies. I am not vegan so this is the old fashioned original recipe adapted from the Golden Wattle Cookery Book of my Mum. I inherited this book when Mum passed and so glad I’ve managed to keep it although it is now getting a tad worse for wear. Perhaps a restoration is in order!


~ 500 grams split peas

some veg whether it be the traditional; carrot & celery or whatever you have really. Just 1 or 2 carrots and a couple sticks of celery, chopped up but not too small, they’ll soften and fall apart anyway

~ 2 litres water or if you have some home made stock go for it!

Ham bones – I get the hocks and you can purchase nitrate free from selected butchers

bit of Apple Cider Vinegar (brings out the minerals and goodies from the bones)

How to cook it


What I do is the cheats way and it is not all that body compatible.

Ideally you would soak the split peas overnight as this makes them more digestible. I don’t always do this. I get the pot to boiling, bubbling, boiling and throw them in after a quick rinse.

What you will find is the chick peas you buy from a bulk organic shop will be far fresher than a packaged version from your normal retail outlet. But do whatever you can.

I buy from the local store too, more often than not I can’t get organic because I live so far away from anywhere that I can source it from and have run out of options for delivery. But I have accepted I can only do what is possible and I am ok with that.

 I then add in the hocks once the water is back to the boil and then bring back to the boil. Turn it down to a nice slow bubble…simmer. And let it simmer, and let it simmer….give it a good stir from time to time. After a couple hours I add in my carrot and celery and the This can take up to 3-4 hours.

You’ll notice it change from a translucent water mix to a thick soupy consistency. The split peas will no longer have any form and the veg will be mushed in there somewhere.

Once it’s thick, no hard chewy bits of split peas and the meats falling away from the bone IT’S READY! If you find yourself, as I have done before, where the peas aren’t cooked but its super doper thick, just add a bit more water or stock so they can cook through some more. Might take a bit more time but it’s worth it.

Enjoy with lots of laughter surrounded by your family xx