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This is a bit of a different blog. Not particularly about anything other than to keep you informed. As you will see from our social media posts on Instagram and Facebook we’re on a manufacturing break. You can not buy anything from our website.

I know right, wtf!


I’m going to keep it nice and brief.

Like a lot of small businesses, Covid changed many things for us. Sourcing necessary items became near on impossible.

We powered on and were rewarded with some pretty darn special Organic Beauty Awards –

2020 Organic Beauty Awards

Gold Award: Verissima Hemp Body Lotion 
Gold Award: Verissima Invigorating Face & Body Scrub 
Gold Award: Verissima Natural Skincare Travel Kit

Editors Choice Award DAY CREAM: Verissima Soothing Rosehip Moisturiser 
Editors Choice Award PM FACIAL SCRUB: Verissima Invigorating Face & Body Scrub 

2021 Autumn Winter Organic Beauty Awards

Gold Award: Verissima Rosehip Face Cleanser 
BEST TARGETED REPAIR CREAMS – Gold Award: Verissima Soothing Rosehip Moisturiser 
Silver Award: Verissima Invigorating Face & Body Scrub 

It meant the world, kept us upbeat, and gave us enough fuel to keep going. But, to keep going the way we were was not going to end well. Something had to change. It means, for now, I am hanging up my apron and giving myself time to manage the business, look at other ways that Verissima can power on.

This has challenges. However, the opportunities it provides are enormous. Being able to once again have a reliable supply of products for our outlets and our customers is paramount. 

Letting go of the making is massive. But I want to be able to keep our truly natural skincare range available to everyone and I want it to be for the long term, so hang in there whilst I work out our path forward.

Stick with us. I’m not sure how long this is going to take, there are lots of things to do. But come over for the ride, and keep in touch on our socials.