Blessed with an upbringing in some of West Australia’s most incredible, raw and natural environments, I build my life with my (often bare) feet gentle on our earth.

Alongside my sister we were raised throughout the Northwest, Western Australia on Main Roads camps. Our Dad helped build the linking roads between tiny towns in the Kimberley and Pilbara. 

In summer, our swimming pool was makeshift and filled up by the water truck.

We thrived in the red dirt and spinifex, with glimpses of wild bulls in the distance and Mum always starting another home grown veggie patch.

My Tonka trucks were real graders and dozers. Making mud pies with Carmel and creating our own fun from the simplest of things made for a very rich upbringing.


Natural Skin Care | Verissima

I truly believe our capability to shape an affinity with the land is imperative for our ability to thrive. We’re provided for medicinally and culinary by the land around us. In addition, there’s something about digging a little deeper and opening our understanding about what to do with what we find that changes the way we think, how we feel, what we know.

Natural Skin Care | Verissima

With formal studies in Environmental & Conservation Management under my belt I always put the planet first. My heart is with the land, which is one of the reasons we purchased Booka Farm when our family was young. 

I believe we can teach the next generation through our journey of discovering how to best care for the land on which we live.

I have always known that the food we eat and the products we put in and on ourselves are intertwined. Throughout my life, I’ve not only learned about how to best feed and heal our bodies with wholefoods but I’ve always been aware of the traditional preparation of bush tucker, and how our land’s traditional owners used nature to heal. It saddens me that so many people first try a chemist for relief when really we should be looking at the root cause.

It’s a lifelong ingrained lesson of back to basics, genuine care, truth telling, and heart that I brought to Verissima Natural Skincare when I purchased the business in 2009. After bearing my first child in 2003 and trying to find natural products to use on my baby I became furious about companies who promised natural products without the intention of following through. I remembered Verissima Natural Skincare, starting using it again and never looked back. These products helped my family so much that when it was up for sale, I put my money where my mouth was and brought the business. Can not get more dedicated (or crazy) than that!

I hand craft every single product, here on the farm, with integrity and careful thought for your families wellbeing.


Verissima Natural Skincare became a multi-award-winning brand. Nat’s AIM from the beginning was to improve formulations, ensure every ingredient was natural and had a purpose. It came to fruition in 2018 when Verissima became Allergy Certified, & awarded Toxic-Free & Made Safe certification with Safe Cosmetics Australia.

In 2022 owner, Nat Wright went on to became a certified Tolman Health Coach, fulfilling a lifetimes obsession with natural healing and bringing together everything she ever believed in, that nature provides all we need and that we can heal our lives naturally.

Nat has experienced herself that by firstly, getting her head in the right space, having fun, eating whole foods and using natural health products, without being pedantic about it, that our body is then fully supported and that we can take back our health.

Nat now offers 1 on 1 health consultations, 1 day events, workshops and weekend retreats providing you with everything you need in the one place so that you don’t have to visit multiple stores and healthcare practitioners to overcome your health challenges.

Educating people so that they can get back to basics and make lifestyle changes that bring about real results is what Nat loves to do

Nat comes from the heart, rather than the hard sell, she uses her business success to help educate, and return on investment is a clientele that’s healthier while treating the land gently.

I believe you’ll love being a part of the Verissima Health Community, together we can live simply and enjoy life!

Cruelty Free . Environmentally Respectful . Australian Made & Owned . Handcrafted