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   If you are looking for genuinely natural skincare that makes your skin feel good and smell amazing without you having to worry about  toxic ingredients leaching into your body or that of your family’s, you’ve come to the right place.

We are so much more than skin care.

Verissima is a platform for helping you understand the benefits of living naturally.




Every Verissima skincare product is hand crafted using all natural ingredients that are good enough to eat.

That’s why colour_500 is soul food for your skin

About Verissima Natural Skincare

Blessed with an upbringing in some of West Australia’s most incredible, raw environments, I build my life with my (often bare) feet gentle on our earth.

My heart is with the land, which is one of the reasons we bought our “Farm” when our son was small and I was pregnant with our second child. We can teach the next generation through our journey of discovering how to best care for the land on which we live.

I hand craft every single product, here on the farm, with integrity and careful thought for your families wellbeing.

It is our purpose to help families feel better by teaching them the benefits of natural products & whole foods but also

HOW to tell if it truly is natural/organic and HOW to easily make them a part of your everyday life.

It’s time we ditched all the chemical cocktails, got back to basics & enjoyed life.

Cruelty-free. Handcrafted. Environmentally respectful. Family-centric.

Featured Products

I truly believe our capability to shape an affinity with the land is imperative to our ability to thrive. We’re provided for medicinally and culinary by the land around us. In addition, there’s something about digging a little deeper and opening our understanding about what to do with what we find that changes the way we think, how we feel, what we know.

Customers Love Verissima

Many days have passed since my order arrived but not a morning or night goes by without my skin gratefully drinking in with great relish your wonderfully natural creamed creations, so I must send a big thank you to you, Nat.


Thank heavens you are considering (relaunching) as my daughter and I are in desperate need of more Gardener’s Hand Cream. She lives in Melbourne and says she has not found another product as good as yours and has been very sparing with the one jar she has…. 


A friend of mine, Vicki, gave me a jar of the Rosehip several years ago and it was the best product ever! I have absolutely struggled to find any other products that are anywhere near as good as yours. No pressure. Just an encouragement and an honest testimony.


Pure Pine Oils used to create Verissima Natural Skincare Inhale & Heal

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