This is not your everyday event that is for sure.

This is home to our Get Back To Basics, Live Simply Enjoy Life Events with Certified Tolman Health Coach, Nat Wright. It’s also the space I share my teacher and mentor Tyler Tolman’s heart filled, health promoting, events. 

When it comes down to it, sometimes we just feel like we need some time out, time away from all the noise, to connect with other people, learn something new, destress, let go of the tension, relax and just unwind.

I decided, quite some time ago, when we moved onto our property in the picturesque hills of the Avon Valley Western Australia, that I would love to bring people together here, for them to be able to breathe in deeply the fresh clean air, listen to the birds, and be surrounded by nature and not the concrete jungle.

Our 1 day events are held right here and our weekend retreats are held in beautiful locations throughout Australia so that you too get to experience the spectacular places we have discovered.

Come along, you’re going to love it! Scroll down to see what we have going on.

Jurien Bay Juice Reset | Sound Healing | Verissima Health


Immerse yourself in a weekend of salty air, sand beneath your feet and cool calm ocean breezes whilst upgrading your immune system before the Winter chill sets in.

We are off to the beautiful coastal town of Jurien Bay, a place that holds many, fun childhood memories of mine. After being in Jurien during the last full moon lunar eclipse, and experiencing a powerful sound healing on the earth out at the spectacular Pinnacles we decided to offer this experience to others.

Enjoy a weekend away with Natallie Wright, Certified Tolman Health Coach, where you will discover how juice cleansing and sound healing, combined, heal you deeply on a cellular level and upgrade you energetically and spiritually.

Arrive Friday afternoon for a 3pm check-in at accommodation within walking distance to the crystal clear waters. Enjoy an afternoon beach stroll and dip if you wish then settle in to watch a mesmerising sunset over the Indian Ocean. We enjoy our meal together Friday night, before kicking off our juice cleanse Saturday morning.

The weekend is an introduction into juice cleansing so you learn the benefits of juice feasting, in an interactive way, and discover why it’s so powerful in helping us heal many, many conditions. Nat will introduce you to the benefits of fasting as taught to her by her teacher & mentor Tyler Tolman.

Everything is provided so that you know exactly how to make juices which means when you leave, if you choose, you can continue your cleanse to further enhance your health.

On Saturday afternoon we are picked up from Jurien, by Jurien Bay Adventure Tours, driven out to the Pinnacles aboard ‘Betsy’ where we will enjoy an amazing guided sunset tour – learn how the Pinnacles were formed, how old they are and how much they have moved. Watch the sunset over the Pinnacles desert, and ocean, enjoy our picnic warm vegie broth, followed by a soul enriching sound healing with ancient instruments on sacred land including gongs, didgeridoos, crystal bowls and more by Colleen Pearce Healing.

I cannot say enough about this experience, and to be cleansing whilst having a vibrational upgrade from the sound, is next level!

This weekend is the biggest energy portal of the year – Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune ALL ALIGN 20/21 April and the best place to be is outdoors absorbing it all. 

Come along, enjoy the fresh ocean air and nature, with relaxing sounds of the waves in a slow paced peaceful beachside town.

Friday 19th – Sunday 21st April 2024

What is included?

Accommodation, Guided Fun Pinnacles Sunset Tour, Full Moon Sound Healing, Friday Night Meal, Juice Cleansing Interactive Workshop & All Your Juices Over The Weekend.

We will be staying in a relaxing and comfortable AirBnB in Jurien, within walking distance to the beach.

Jurien Bay | Verissima Health

📅 DATE:  APRIL 19TH – 21ST 20024

🕘 TIME: 3pm 19th APRIL- 10AM 21ST APRIL (WST)

WHERE: JURIEN BAY WA (exact address advised on booking)


Sound healing can change our brainwave states to alpha (which induces calm, relaxation & healing within the body), the instruments used during the sound healingVERISSIMA HEALTH | SOUND HEALING DIDGERIDOO | PINNACLES session resonate at the same frequency as the cells in the body, reminding them of their true natural vibration and bringing the body back to harmony. The sound does the work. The use of instruments such as crystal singing bowls, native flutes, chimes & didgeridoos can help to calm the nervous system, reduce stress levels, balance brain hemispheres and relieve & release tension that is sitting in body tissues and cells. A long term build-up of stress in the body can result in dis-ease which manifests as illness.

When we fast, in this case we are starting a juice fast, our bodies go through successive stages of cleansing, energising and regenerating that happen in no other way. Fasting is Nature’s pathway to physical, mental and spiritual renewal!

When we eat a regular diet, we store energy from the calories we consume. For the first two or three days of a fast, the body runs on glycogen (glucose stored in the liver). After all stored energy is depleted, the body switches to rapidly burning its own fat through a process called ketosis.

This, in turn, creates stem cells, which have an amazing ability to promote profound healing throughout the body.

Fasting gives your digestive system the signal to reset and switch from digesting to detoxing. After years of eating three meals a day, we all store up toxins from processed, dead foods – and even from whole foods treated with pesticides and herbicides.

Every day of fasting allows the digestive system to push a little farther and cleanse a little more. And fasting with juices gives your body the energy it needs to sustain this process.

Even one day of fasting stimulates neurons in the brain. If you go beyond two or three days, the brain actually forms new neural networks. Your brain literally grows and you become more intelligent! For thousands of years, every major religion has promoted fasting. This likely contributed to why great minds like Plato, Aristotle, Pythagorus, da Vinci and Gandi were so brilliant and their name and fame have endured.

Fasting presses the limits of human experience and creates a divine connection. It gives space and time to expand the self-knowledge of who we really are. 


Now, imagine fasting whilst receiving a sound healing out on sacred land, under the stars, during the biggest energy portal of the year – where Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune ALL ALIGN. I believe a deep healing and a sense of peace, calm and tranquility will be felt. A very potent combination. 



Verissima Health | Weekend Getaway | Jurien Bay