Our luxe, ethical skin care is proudly owned and made in Australia. 

We are really picky about the ingredients we use to create your products. Your health and that of the planet comes first, always. Certified Organic and natural ingredients is all we work with. No synthetics, no toxins, NO EXCEPTIONS!

We believe high quality, natural, Australian skincare does not require anything other than what nature provides us. You will not find 7 beautiful natural ingredients and then 1 highly toxic preservative. We have been making our skincare for nearly 10 years and we find no need for this. We have built a very trusted brand where our customers no longer feel the need to scour the ingredient labels.

Most importantly, we make our products with love and the very best intention.

Verissima products are not intended to be used in place of any treatment or advice from your health practitioner. We strongly suggest you check with your chosen health professional if you have any queries about using our products.

If you have any questions concerning your order please contact Nat here.

Organic Beauty Awards 2024

Cruelty Free . Environmentally Respectful . Australian Made & Owned . Handcrafted