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Ambrosia Moisturiser With Natural Sunscreen


There is no better place than the beach, the outdoors. Salty hair and sandy toes. Love it! We are so lucky here in Western Australia to have some of THE best beaches around. You want to hang out there all day, soak up some rays and relax. Afterall our bodies need Vitamin D, which is provided by the sun, to function optimally. However, if you are constantly being beaten by the rays you will need to take some form of protection against it and using a natural sunscreen is just one option you have.

What else can you do? We recommend keeping hydrated, drinking lots and lots of water. The Australian heat can be stifling, dangerous if you are not prepared. Wear a long sleeve shirt, a hat, sunglasses and keeping out of the sun during peak times will also help. Nourishing your skin, and keeping it supple by applying a natural sunscreen before heading outside will also help you and also the environment. 

Some worthwhile reading on what all the hooo haaa is about Sunscreens below -, by Dr Peter Dingle.

Our entire family uses our Ambrosia Moisturiser with natural sunscreen, including our children and have done for 15 years!

Some sunscreens commercially available in Australia contain a myriad of toxic chemicals and endocrine disruptors such as parabens - propylparaben, butylparaben etc. We strongly recommend choosing a sunscreen free from these and other synthetic ingredients.

The only way to ensure you are purchasing a natural sunscreen or at least a moisturiser with natural sunscreen and not purchasing a chemical cocktail is to read your ingredients. Want to know how to do this? Sign up to our Free How To Find The Toxins In Your Skincare and Why You Want To Know email series. 5 emails packed full of information to help you and your family. No hard sell, just hard facts. 

Distilled water, Zinc oxide, emulsyfing wax nf, Prunus armeniaca (apricot) kernel oil, Sesamum indicum (sesame) seed oil , Macadameia ternifolia (macadamia*) seed oil, glycerin veg. derived, kaolinite, Theobroma cacoa (cocoa) butter, Ambrosia synergistic blend

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Product short description

 Our Ambrosia Moisturiser with natural sunscreen is absolutely perfect in helping protect against the drying effects of the sun and it smells amazing! 

By using our moisturiser along with your hat, glasses, and t-shirt you will be providing yourself with some protection from the sun’s rays.

There’s nothing more relaxing in my mind than enjoying the warmth of the sun. Nothing worse than letting yourself get cooked either. So be sensible.




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