All our products are hand made to order. Once we receive your order we then create your products for you.

Made to order – How awesome is that!

Within 2-3 days of your order being received we will have made them and then popped them in the post to you.

At Verissima Natural Skin Care Australia, we are supremely picky about the ingredients we use in our products. For us, top priority is choosing only to create Verissima products with Certified Organic and natural ingredients which gives you peace of mind knowing there are no synthetic, toxic substances coming into your home or being used on your body

 Plus, because we want to look after our planet, all packaging, including the labels are ethically sourced, recyclable and/or reusable giving you peace of mind knowing you are not contributing to harming our fragile planet

Most importantly, we make our products with love and the very best intention.

OK, now that’s out of the way… go! Shop!

Verissima Natural Skin Care Australia | Perth Natural Skincare | Ethical Skincare | Made to order | Organic ingredients

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