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Wait, don’t I have a business and a job and children and birthing sheep (at the moment?) Why on earth do I need a blog?

Because I want to keep singing about not needing all this fancy stuff to get by in life, I want to be able to share with you how we can make our own products, food, love and fun, if we want.

I want you to give yourself a break if not everything in your house is Certified Organic, or that if you eat a tiny bit of junk food. I want you to understand that life is here, right now, not tomorrow. We are not promised tomorrow and stressing over the little things only takes away the joy of what you can experience at this very moment.

When you are purchasing food or personal care products, a sticky label depicting Certified Organic is fantastic. But I know myself there are legitimate businesses out there who have not become certified organic for various reasons. Look deeper, ask questions. Do they farm ethically, do they care for the land, our Earth. If so, for how long? You might just find that a local farmer/ business is extremely steadfast about growing/creating produce in tune with Mother Nature.

Basically, you don’t need any synthetic crap on your face or in your body. Get back to basics, cook and make personal care products with real ingredients. While you’re at it, stir in loads of love and have some fun. I still drink beer, I buy organic when I can (even with the extra sticky labels!) and I grow/rear what I can.

You can have fantastic, natural products at an affordable price, made by a human who cares about other humans (that’s me!)

Back To Basics Event For New Mums & Bubs

There's a reason I do what I do and it's all about getting back to basics and enjoying life. I was lucky to grow up amongst the incredible raw environment of the Kimberley & Pilbara region of WA as a child. My Dad worked with the MRD, so he helped build the roads...

Why Natural Is Not Always The Best

Natural doesn’t always mean it’s natural! Confusing isn’t it? I mean if they say they're natural skin care products AND it is for sale on our shelves, then surely it is right? NO! IT ISN'T. I’ve been in this industry over 10 years now and using chemical free skin care...

Aromatherapy for Healing Grief

Aromatherapy has always been considered a bit of a witchy medicine. And after all – women were burned at the stake for playing with less. But that was in the old days, right? Surely we’ve moved on from that? So why would an evolved society support a Government that...

We Don’t Need All The Fancy Stuff

If there's one main message I want to get across to people, it would be that we don’t need all the fancy stuff to get by in life, we can make our own products if we so wish. We don’t need all the “organic” this and “organic” that, we can source pure ingredients...

How to Get Rid of a Cold Fast

Do you want to know how to rid of a cold fast? Of course you do. No-one likes feeling darn miserable with a thumping head, nose running like a tap and a blimme annoying cough for too long. It's once again that time of year when the cold air wraps around us, we hunt...

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