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One of the most common questions I get asked is whether I have a natural skin rash cream. Which I do, but I rarely go straight to that. Why, because all it will do is put out the fire so to speak, it won’t fix the underlying inflammation issue forever. Neither will, in my opinion, any strong steroidal cream. What do I suggest instead? Get to the root of the problem, what is causing it?

This means looking inside and yes, it’s not a quick fix, but bloody worth it. I’ve collated some things I’ve done for my kids and used myself over the years. I hope it helps you and your loved ones.

With so many different opinions out there, it can become really confusing and overwhelming when trying to make ours or our little ones lives a bit easier. Often you will find that what causes your inflammation is not what causes another’s.

But the one thing I have found whether for me, my children, friends is that once we get rid of the crap in our diet and lives we improve, and dramatically.

Where to start –

I bounced around for ages from one bit of advice to the next so what I suggest now and help you to stop wasting time and just cut to the chase is listed below.

I’d enlist the help of a professional in nutritional medicine, more specifically orthomolecular medicine or a qualified Naturopath (such as Kat Blake).

Getting to the root cause is imperative.

Orthomolecular medicine is where I ended up many years ago, I didn’t have a trusted Naturopath in my bag of tricks. It works from a cellular level so basically where all life is created. Here in Perth WA we went and seen Dr Igor Tabrizian. No matter where you live there will be someone similar to him working in this area.

You can be eating the cleanest food, full of life, certified organic/biodynamic, yet your body won’t be able to assimilate the goodness if it has high amounts of toxic metals and elements that literally block the goodness from being absorbed. Part of this process involves a hair analysis and then follow up appointments, whereby specific minerals, vitamins are prescribed to help pull the toxins out of the system and then to increase the goodies. A compounding chemist prepares these custom preparations for you.

From here all the improvements you make in your diet will be given their best chance to work.

Alongside this, take note, literally get a notepad and pen and keep track of what you are putting into your body in the way of food and liquids. Or pop them into an app on your phone. Notice how they make you feel.

If it’s your child that you are concerned with, do this for them.

Now start to cut out all the processed stuff with the help of your chosen health professional.

By this I mean anything that is not as close to how nature provided it. This is the packaged stuff, the lollies, the ice creams, all the junk stuff and definitely all the white stuff – white bread, white sugar, rice, flour, and while I’m at it the gluten free flour etc, there are far more nutritious options available, again your health professional can help you.

Look to wholefoods, real food.  You’ll be surprised at the money you save too.

Notice what foods make you feel bloated, lifeless, aching heavy legs.

What you will find is that what creates problems for one person maybe fine for another.

For example, my son as a little one, only tolerated raw milk, if given “normal” readily available milk (homogenised/pasteurised) he would bloat, stools float and then get a rash (eczema). How did I find this out? I cut out my dairy intake altogether when I was breastfeeding. His silent reflux subsided dramatically. He actually slept through for a whole entire night! What bliss.

I was suggested ‘real milk’, but It is illegal in Australia for farms to sell unpasteurised milk to the public. It is available for cosmetic purposes only. The only alternative you have is to get yourself a cow. So, I would source local goats milk, or I would get Cleopatra’s Bath Milk (certified organic) from Qld to soak my feet in :-0 . I would also combine Rice Milk with Coconut Milk (coconut having the fats needed for brain development etc in little ones).

For him, I also limited the yoghurt, although filled with beneficial bacteria, many yogurts also have added sugars, milk solids, flavourings which can disrupt your gut flora. Unless it is again local goats milk yoghurt or I also buy South Australian Paris creek Organic yoghurt, this has no milk solids added to it which some people and kids react to. It’s has a runnier consistency than most yoghurts, this is because it doesn’t have added milk solids (that may cause problems) it’s a really great form of probiotics. You can also easily make your own.

For my daughter, I found out that the rashes would come after consuming grain, mainly wheat, and still does when we get slack. So I turned to ancient grains of spelt instead and as long as not too much in the diet, no rashes.

A topical skin rash cream will provide relief as mentioned, but you need to get to the root of the problem.

If like I was and you have no idea where to start when it comes to wholefoods there are heaps of cooks out there now helping you understand and cook with wholefoods. I did numerous wholefood cooking classes with Jude Blureau, my saviour.

I also love Chef Cynthia Louise –

I did say it wasn’t a quick fix.

This is why.

You will need to take the time to allow your body to cleanse and then restore.

A great time to take control is when your bub is starting solids. I found this is when my two started rashing up.

It’s also where I was completely shocked at the ingredients I found in a skin rash cream and why I now educate others on how to find the toxins in their skincare. It’s so much easier when you don’t have as many culprits that ‘maybe causing the issues’. As adults, well we just have to go back to the drawing board.

It really involves getting back to basics, using real food as close to its natural state as possible.

We, as a family, are far from vegetarian but I think introducing more raw food into anyone’s diet would definitely be a bonus not only for our kids but for us. Smoothies with superfoods are wonderful. Get rid of all the processed foods and reap the benefits.

Another great superfood/probiotic in a cup is kefir. You make smoothies using this it’s wonderful the kids love it and it is super awesome, I have what is called kefir grains if you’re interested to get started. A great site to read on benefits of this is Dom’s About Kefir in-site this requires a good cuppa (or smoothie) and plenty of time, there is so much interesting information. Dom’s About Kefir in-site

Watch what you wash your clothes in too.

For our son I was just using the lux soap flakes but a pain in behind to rinse the machine, so moved onto Tri-Nature, for our daughter I have found the Planet Ark sensitive skin ok.

In a nutshell here’s my alternatives to just using a skin rash cream-

  1. Enlist the help of a whole-life health professional
  2. Get a good probiotic going
  3. Eat unprocessed foods and limit the grain if advised to.
  4. Introduce juicing, supervised at the start into your life 
  5. Introduce kefir / good yoghurt, natural probiotics
  6. Natural topical skin rash cream / lotion to ease the itch as you find your way
  7. Find a fitness class or technique that you enjoy. A great pilates instructor here in Perth is Jodie Tapper, an awesome yoga instructor is Colette Corr, full on, hard yakka fitness might not be the best through this time, go gentle. Walk, swim, but just do something that will be for you.
  8. Try to breathe and get some sleep – this isn’t an easy road for many, I know it was hard going and frustrating for me.

From my experience a lot of skin issues can result from emotional upsets and digestive upsets. Taking care of where you are at, right now in your life is very important. Do something just for you once a week, if only for 15 minutes, just you no distractions.

It may take time and practise but you will get there.

Handy websites / books that I have read, used and followed – 

Wholefood Cooking with Jude Blereau this is where I started 15 years ago now, done many a cooking class with Jude starting with Nourishing Wisdom – basics of wholefood. Then went on from there.

Weston A Price Foundation heaps of info here, very interesting and helps understand the benefits of real fats

Additive Alert Julie Eady

The Untold Story of Milk by Ron Schmid

Benefits of Juice Fasting I’ve done a 7 day fast and it blew my mind! Energy, sleep, just felt AMAZING.

As mentioned this is not a quick fix and I highly recommend you have a trusted health professional to guide you, cheer you on and help you understand what is causing your inflammation issues.

Here’s to getting back to basics, living simply and enjoying life.

x Nat 

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