Peace of Mind Sleep Oil with Neroli


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Our Peace of Mind Sleep Oil is made using essential oils for sleep, oils that are also renowned for their ability to help ease the blows of depression and anxiety. When your body is coping with the insurmountable pain of grief, when your heart is aching that much you feel your chest is physically going to break, Peace of Mind also works its magic.

I have relied on this blend heavily in the past, I have given it to family members through their own times of grief and battling depression and when the peace of sleep eludes them. I don’t know the scientific value of these oils I just know that the scent they impart is soothing and the physical effect they have on the body is a pure miracle.

Everyone is different, as we all know. So when using this blend you will have to try and see how it works for you. For me, I put it on about half an hour before I am ready to go to bed. I find in that time I’m getting rather sleepy. I also find it does not kick in on the first night. If I have not used for a while it can take around three consecutive nights of use before I notice the magic happening, once it does then the half hour is all I need before I’m drifting off.

I hope through making this blend available to you, we are able to help you during your time of need  xx

This oil is one for the Grown Ups only, your little one does not need the strength or the effects of the essential oils in this blend. For your little ones try our calming Pillow Spray For Sweet Dreams. 

And if you require something that will help you throughout the day, something to calm you down, ease your anxiety, nerves then I recommend our Peace of Mind Mist


Almond Oil 

Macadamia Oil

Grape Seed Oil

Apricot Oil

Jojoba Oil

Peace Of Mind Synergistic Blend – containing 13 Essential Oils including Neroli, Jasmine & Roman Chamomile


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