Soothing Vanilla Lip Balm


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If you are looking for a genuinely natural beeswax lip balm for chapped lips, this is it.

Our Vanilla Lip Balm is awesome. It goes on so easy, soaks in and softens your lips almost immediately. We have also used it for cuts, scrapes and sores – the ingredients within have a multitude of benefits.

There’s a lot to be said to the manufacturers of certain lip balms. Why they put in ingredients such as Butylated Hydroxyanisole – suspected as a carcinogen, is beyond my understanding.

Why not use pure natural ingredients instead.

Our Tinted Vanilla Lip Balm will help alleviate your chapped lips and have them kissable in no time.

Safe for our skin, safe for our environment.

Made with natural ingredients reputed for their ability to provide natural sun protection and protect your lips from drying out it is just what you need when suffering from dry cracked lips and when the drying winds are around.

As an added bonus the anti-viral action of Lavender and Geranium Essential Oils may speed up the healing of cold sores.

Slap it on and kiss someone!

Almond Oil

Sesame Oil

Carrot Healing Oil

Certified Organic Beeswax

Vanilla Essential Oil

Pink Clay

Geranium Essential Oil

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