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Refreshing Rose Water Facial Mist


We believe every human, household, and handbag needs a bottle of our Refreshing Rose Water Facial Mist.

Made from pure natural rose water, our mist is an absolute godsend for those who suffer from hay fever or allergies. Spritzing a little of our facial mist over your closed eyes and around your face does wonders for red, itching eyes. It may help to alleviate allergy symptoms but is also a pick me up, refreshing you on those hot dry days. You can also use our Rose Water Facial Mist as a toner after your daily cleanse with our Rosehip Cleanser. Rosewater helps to maintain the skin's ph balance and controls excess oil. With astringent like properties, the mist will help to reduce inflammation and cleanse and tone your skin. Just spritz some on your face to close the pores and give yourself an instant refreshing boost.

Rosa Damascena Flower Water * – *certified organic ingredient

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Rochelle G.
I recommend this product

Amazing products!! Ive been using verissima for a few months now and my acne has not only cleared up but so has my scaring! Thank you so much for providing me such beautiful natural products that have given me my confidence back �💛��

Kristy M.
Amazing Product!

The rose water mist is perfect soothing tired or itchy eyes, absolutely love all of Verissima's products. Highly recommend.

Product short description

Our rose water facial mist is absolutely fantastic for itchy inflamed eyes, for toning, healing and soothing your skin. Amazing as an after sun refresher as well !

There are amazing anti-inflammatory properties in this wonder spray that can help reduce redness, take the sting out of irritated skin and simply make you feel alive and refreshed.


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