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Pure natural rose water is an absolute god send for those who suffer from the allergic reactions associated with hayfever. Many people have commented that it is the only thing that has worked for them come the sneezing season. The redness and the itchiness in their eyes is lessened considerably. Just spritzing a little over your closed eyes, around your face does wonders to refresh you.

I have used this myself for soothing the eyes after swimming. Just spraying over the eyes whilst closed and allowing the droplets to seep in seems to do the trick. Another trick I have used in conjunction with this is a drop of pure raw milk. Worked amazingly well.

Another use for rose water is cooling the face during those hot muggy days or when you have a belly full of arms and legs.

Yes ladies, I've been there. When it's hot, especially in Summer, your belly is big, your tired, your feet are aching and your just damn well hot and bothered. This mist is a god send.

Being in a spritz bottle, rose water is super handy to carry around in your bag and just pull out and spritz whenever you are in need. Works a treat. Awesome for cranky kids too I might add. Not sure if it's the smell or the distraction but seems to calm them down a wee bit.

It is also perfect for using after you have cleansed your face with our Rosehip Cream Cleanser. Just spritz some on your face to close the pores and give yourself an instant refreshing boost.

Perfect for so many things. We hope you enjoy.

Rosa Damascena Flower Water * – *certified organic ingredient

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Kristy Morton

Amazing Product!

The rose water mist is perfect soothing tired or itchy eyes, absolutely love all of Verissima's products. Highly recommend.

Product short description

Rose water is absolutely fantastic for itchy inflamed eyes, for toning, healing and soothing your skin. Amazing as an after sun refresher as well !

There are amazing anti-inflammatory properties in this wonder spray that can help reduce redness, take the sting out of irritated skin and simply make you feel alive and refreshed.

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