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Get Back To Basics Live Simply & Enjoy Life E-book


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Have you ever wanted some natural health tips to help you through day to day parenting? Somewhere to turn to when you're sleep deprived, babies screaming and you are feeling absolutely helpless?

How often do you as a Mum say "oh, I wish I had of known that", or you find yourself in the throws of raising a child who has various allergies, or something going on that you're not quite sure of, yet you feel you should be doing something about it, finding out more, visiting a health professional.

Welcome to what was my world. As a first time Mum 14 years ago, I found myself absolutely exhausted with a baby that was no longer sleeping, at all! He had been a such a chillaxed bub up until roughly 8 weeks of age and then I could see something wasn't right, but what?

My life quickly became a mammoth journey of learning, it was a heap of fun, yet also exhausting! I discovered so much about wholefoods for healing, gut health, orthomolecular medicine, self care, adrenal burnout and the list goes on. It was fascinating discovering what I had always known - nature provides all that we need if we know how to harness  it.

This E-book has come together after running my business for 9 years and having numerous conversations with Mum's about what's going on with their baby, their child. Sometimes a lot of similarities, most of the time discussing rashes or allergies, sometimes reflux or colic, sometimes asthma, sometimes their kids are now older and starting to have issues. I'd find myself jotting down a lot of info and emailing it through. I then found myself doing this a lot so I decided to get all I knew together from heaps of emails I'd sent & put it all into an e-book to hopefully help you.

What I had learned during my first pregnancy and with my first child helped me so much and saved me a bunch of time when my second child was born 6 years later. I hope it comes in handy for you too.

Actually just today in the hairdresser I found myself doing exactly the same thing with a lady there, madly scribbling notes, names of health professionals that could help her kids. Then I remembered this book and decided it was definitely time to make it available. What a time savior that I could now send her through this book, she was so happy.

I hope you enjoy it. I hope you find something in there to help you or to at least encourage you to delve deeper and keep on keeping on. It's by no means an answer to every ailment but I've found it has helped many parents and giving them a glimpse of hope, a bit of understanding and a sense of "oh, I'm not alone".

Enjoy the read.




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Product short description

This has got to be the most written & sent out information I’ve ever done. Over the years constantly typing emails, scribbling on bits of paper to parents, women, people who were struggling with their kids (& their own) health problems. I decided to finally put it all together in one place and here we are, a succinct, rather thorough collection of my own natural health tips that I have used for my family in the hope they help you and your family. Enjoy.¬†

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