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Our essential oils for colds blend - Inhale & Heal, works hand in hand with our powerful Chest Rub. Or you can choose to use it alone, it's really up to you!

Some Winter Woe Tips:

Inhale & Heal can be used in the vaporiser - 1 to 3 drops is all that is needed.

A drop on a tissue then underneath the pillow at night works wonders for kids (and big kids too), but just one drop as is quite strong.

Put a drop on your hand rub together with your other hand and cup over nose and mouth; breathe alternately through the nose and mouth. Or do the old fashioned way; prepare a bowl with warm water add 2 -3 drops of the inhale & heal, grab a towel and place head over the bowl covered by the towel and breathe alternately through nose and mouth


Eucalyptus globulus, Lavandula spicatus, Pinus pinaster, Thymus vulgaris

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Product short description

This essential oil blend is a truly therapeutic mix of pure, organic essential oils.

The oils are chosen carefully and specifically for their ability to help your body combat sore throats, runny noses, aching sinus, and chesty cold symptoms. It’s a miracle blend with so many uses.

This is an incredible blend that may help to ease coughs, sniffly noses, and tightness in the chest.

Rub a couple of drops in your hand, cup your nose and mouth and breathe it in. Or put a drop or two in a warm tub of water, envelope yourself with a towel and inhale. You can also put it in vaporisers.

Use together with our Chest Rub to really knock the winter bugs out of the park!


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