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Do you have those days where there seems like an endless noise of crap in your head?

I recently found a draft blog I wrote this time last year when I was in the interesting space of going back to work and relaunching Verissima. It was a different space than I’m in now, but I can still see the seeking I’m doing now relates to where I was then when I was writing lists.

I thought you’d like to read it.

“I’ve been jotting down stuff on random bits of paper all morning in between reading a book by Lisa Messenger, doing the business accounts, stoking the fire (it’s bloody freezing today) and making a delish self-saucing choccy pudding (recipe courtesy of Jude Blereau). Writing lists seems to have become the main thing I do lately.

Why am I in a frenzy? I’m not sure.

But I need to make notes, I need to be writing lists.

In the Lisa Messenger book there’s some ideas that grab my attention:

Think Bigger

The whole “you can do it” concept is no longer a huge hurdle for me because I honestly know I can if I get off my ass and work freaking hard at it, I’ll get there. But it’s good to be reminded; don’t get bogged down in the details. What’s next?


Now, this fits with my ideals! I don’t have to do it the way it’s always been done; this fits with me. I too question/analyse absofreekingly everything, it’s bloody tiring.

The Why?

The other messages which I’ve heard many times recently is “know my why”.

Why am I doing this, why am I making this product, why am I marketing this way… why why why? Now, this scares the shit out of me. I think we all have a bit of “oh but what happens if they don’t like me” so we stay quiet, stay safe.

Well, I know that for this to work I have to get the fuck out of my comfort zone.


Who I am, how I want to be seen and who I want to be in this big old world. This needs to be the same across everything, from social media to me daily. A good thing really because I am who I am, I say it how it is, so this bit is fine. It’s just being so out there that freaks me.

What do I want to be known for?

What’s my point of difference? What do I want people to think of when they think of my brand?

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

I’m down to earth

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon

I am here to help you not rip you off for the next sale

I’m all for helping people learn how to lessen the toxic load they and their families are subjected to everyday

I’ve worked in the Agriculture Industry I know just what our produce is treated with and I understand why, I also work there now

I am passionate about protecting our environment and in getting back to basics

There’s no reason why we cannot make our own things, we cook so we can make our personal care products

Mother Nature provides for all our needs so we can use what she creates to assist us in our health

I also needed to get clear on where I am taking Verissima.

Helping mums is where I started, so I’m heading back there again. There are 36,000 babies born here in WA each year, and 120,00 of babies born in Australia this year will be Indigenous. Maybe they’d like a sample or two.

Why am I drawn to help the indigenous? Because I am proud of our heritage; I myself come from these fellas and women and they rocked their medicine cabinets by going on bushwalks and picking from Mother Nature.

Classes! Yes I need to teach people about wholefoods, the truth about what products are treated with to meet regulatory standards, why I think they need to know this, how to whip up a balm in the middle of the night if they need to.

I’m still writing lists….

I add ‘classes’ to my ever growing list.

Fast forward to today.

I am sitting in my kitchen with laptop. I had a very busy day in the cream room yesterday. I made a decision toward the end of last year, and it answers one of the questions above I had: “where am I taking Verissima?”

Well, I’m taking it to you and to the world.

So hold onto your knickers, ladies, all of the above ramble will come at you in a more orderly, informative manner through your inboxes shortly. I’m looking forward to somehow bringing all this together and bit by bit getting out of my freaking comfort zone and engaging more with you all.

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Plus as I get organised, as I move on from just “writing lists” and actually implementing some of that stuff, I’ll be touching base around workshops we will be holding. Yes, ‘classes’ made the cut!

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Oh, and perhaps add a few more things to that list…