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Do you want to know how to rid of a cold fast? Of course you do. No-one likes feeling darn miserable with a thumping head, nose running like a tap and a blimme annoying cough for too long.

It’s once again that time of year when the cold air wraps around us, we hunt the back of the wardrobe for our long wooly jackets, our ugg boots and beanies (well, I do). The sniffles begin.. our sinuses can become sooo sore that our head hurts and we feel cold and miserable.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to get rid of a cold fast, to take it on, and concur it with a vengeance.

Well I believe you can, I believe the natural remedies for cold and flu are the best go-to’s. At least initially, before you’re in that much of a mess that you can’t even get out of bed. Let’s avoid that shall we.

So when this happens to me and I want to know to get rid of a cold fast I whip up a yummy hot health-giving tea,

Mum used to make us one as kids. I have varied it and thanks to a friend of mine I have been adding awesome quality certified organic cayenne (so super powerful for sore throats).

Here it is!

  • Boiling water
  • add some lemon juice (from a fresh spray-free lemon, if possible)
  • grate your ginger and add the juice or leave the sliced ginger in to brew
  • same as garlic (about a clove)
  • some gorgeous raw honey
  • some cayenne, enough to feel the heat but not BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF!

I have given this to my kids, adjusting the sweetness and heat as needed. Give it a go!
I do try and use all organic ingredients but when it’s not on hand, use what you have.

And, for those of us who got brought up with the good ‘ol Vicks Vapor Rub, we are also accustomed to having something rubbed on our chests and even under (or up) our noses that will magically get rid of our chesty coughs, try our Chest Rub. for a non toxic, natural home remedy instead. Without the petrolatum found in a lot of over the rubs for this, it’s worth a try. It works even better when coupled with our Inhale & Heal, pure plant based essential oil synergistic blend. Pop a few drops of this in your vaporiser, or your kids and throughout the night you will be inhaling and benefiting from the ancient principles of aromatherapy. Perfect!

What’s your favourite winter recipe? Share it with me below!

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