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There’s a reason I do what I do and it’s all about getting back to basics and enjoying life.

I was lucky to grow up amongst the incredible raw environment of the Kimberley & Pilbara region of WA as a child. My Dad worked with the MRD, so he helped build the roads to link the town’s.

It meant we lived out of town in a caravan in the bush..amongst the red dirt and spinifex. I loved it.

I went on to study Conservation & Land Management and years later Environmental Management.

I learnt from our indigenous culture the magic of the bush – Bush medicine and bush tucker.

When I birthed my 1st child, 14 years ago & it was time to get all that was needed for him,I fell off my chair when I realised the chemical crap used to make it.

Why? How was this s**t going to help?

I knew we could do better. I knew the answer was in the bush.

I found, after a mammoth search, something that came close – Verissima. I studied aromatherapy & alternative healing.I improved every formulation to only include natural & organic ingredients. I created new products as a need arose.

I never looked back.

Now I want to help you throughout your transition into motherhood.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing in so many circumstances and it is wonderful for us Mums to help other Mums. It was all learning on the job fro me as I believe it is for just about every new Mum, so alongside my good friend and Naturopath, Kat Blake from Invigorate Naturopathy we decided to create an event that would new Mums and their bubs.

It’s going to be AMAZING! Learn so much, have us to help you and guide you and have a few laughs with your friends.

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Well if you’re feeling tired, stressed, suffering with sore, dry & cracked nipples and you have absolutely no time to go to the loo anymore let alone the time or energy to read a label on a nappy rash cream – this event, held at your home, is for you.

Kat & Nat’s Back to Basic’s for Bubs (and New Mums).

It’s very real for many women just how scary becoming a Mum can be. It’s a complete adjustment not just for you, but the whole household can be turned on its head. And somewhere in there you are supposed to be taking care of yourself. It can also be one of the most rewarding & fun times of your life!

Kat Blake – sleep, fatigue and stress specialist, is a qualified Naturopath and owner at Invigorate Naturopathy She’s dedicated to providing an alternative solution to addressing common problems experienced by many women prior to conception, during birthing and throughout the transition into motherhood. Kat may not be a mum yet but she’s a sleep magician and knows a thing or two about stress and how to help your body deal with the interrupted sleep from your new bundle of joy. She will share her tips on how to improve your energy and mental health so you don’t loose your shit at the never ending cries from bub & demands of parenthood.

Nat Wright – natural living advocate, owner and chief creator at Verissima Natural Skincare, has a big mission to teach women how to understand what’s in their skincare, so you can make better decisions; decisions that will positively affect your health and well being and that of your entire family. As far as Nat sees the world, it’s all about simple living – practical ways to live your best life. With over 14 years’ experience in natural health & wellness, Nat wants to help other women feel comfortable in their own skin & learn ways to help their family, naturally. You’ll come away from this event knowing how to quickly decipher the ingredients on any label (even when your sleep deprived) and whether it’s best left on the supermarket shelf or worth buying. Nat’s also a mum of 2 and has worked through allergies with her own children. It was during this time that her deep interest in natural healing was re-ignited.

Cost $27/pp


Free 5 minute iris analysis valued at $15

Back To Basics For New Mums Manual

Extensive information on how to find the toxins in your skincare

Extensive information on how to improve your sleep and improve health of your bub

Understanding on how to improve gut health

Tips on how to simply reduce the toxic load in your home

Us, in your home, a safe non-judgemental & warm environment for learning


By being our gorgeous host you receive a free Verissima product of your choice. Verissima is handmade, by Nat herself, from real ingredients providing you with a safe, healthy option for your family’s skin and wellbeing.

You’ll also receive a free 45 minute Naturopath consult with Kat valued at $110.

You’ll also have loads of tips and suggestions that we provide for you to implement immediately, and an excuse to catch up with your friends!

We’ll also be going a little deeper by helping you understand how to improve gut health for both you and bub – which can help prevent food intolerances, allergies such as asthma, eczema and hay fever.

Are you excited to learn all of this?

If this really interests you but don’t want to be travelling out in the cold & rainy winter weather then Kat & Nat are happy to come to you! We’re here to help you get back to basics and enjoy your new life with your bub.

Every attendee will receive a free mini iris reading valued at $15 along with our Back To Basics For New Mum manual.

Places are being kept minimal to ensure you get maximum benefit from this event

If this sounds like something you need- gather at least 10 of your closest, new mum friends and organise a get together at your home on Friday 29th June at 10am – 12pm.

Your bub and your friends are more than welcome.

Sign Me Up – I Need To Get Back To Basics!


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