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Have you ever heard yourself as a Mum saying “oh gosh I wish I had of known about that when my kids were a babies”. Or, “far out, what do I do? Take him to the hospital, give him Panadol, not worry?”

Do you want to know simple ways to navigate parenthood naturally so you don’t loose the plot?

I have.

So here’s my 7 tips to help you navigate parenthood and to keep your sanity, well, most of the time.

Simple things I did to help my children, myself and other “all grown up” humans to get well, feel better, get through the day.

You know what though? We are all doing the best we can with what we know, so how ever you parent, it’s freakin fantastic, keep going.

  1. We’re doing a bloody good job even if we may not think it at the time. But take a moment, look yourself in the mirror and say,

“Hey there you, you’re doing a fantastic job, good on you”.

  1. Don’t stress if not everything is Certified Organic or natural in your cupboard. I own a natural skincare company and my kids have eaten baked beans on white toast more than once for dinner.

Give yourself a break!


      1. The worlds not going to end if you’re late getting them to school. Yeah, their teacher might be peeved but hey it is ok. They are there, they are fed, they are clothed and they will have a ball with their friends.
        1. Not every runny nose, cough is going to kill your kids. It can be their body cleaning it’s house.

        There’re heaps of kitchen cupboard remedies that actually work. I’ve tried and mastered many and screwed some up too, but that’s ok.

        I share those that have helped me in my E-book – Get Back To Basics Live Simply & Enjoy Life


        1. That rash, yeah that one that raises its ugly head every now and then and you say “Far out, not again. Is it eczema? Is it psoriasis? Is it an allergy? Was it the grass, or the bottle-brush they were playing on or near? Omg, are they allergic to strawberries?”. Whatever it is, it’s a sign from the body that something is not quite right.

        Awesome, qualified professionals exist right here in Perth WA, who can help you out. I found them all. I share who, why, when and how they helped my kids, me and my family in my E-Book I mentioned above.

        1. You’ve got to take time out for yourself. There’s so much to being a parent. You’re never prepared until you are there. And even then I found myself bumbling my way through. So even if it’s a couple of minutes by yourself in the toilet, DO IT! You’ll love yourself and your kids will too.

        Or you could attend one of our Mind Body Sleep Events – wooooohoa that’s a whole afternoon for just you, can you do it? Bloody oath you can. Jump over to the Events on our Facebook Page for our next one (hint – Oct 27th 2018!)

        1. Eczema, rashes, asthma, they’re all linked and it comes from the inside. Yep. That whole “listen to your gut” well if you don’t the result is these symptoms mentioned above. It is possible to strengthen your body using chemical free products.

        It is possible to strengthen the bodies system and to stop the steroid sprays used to keep the asthma at bay. We did it for both our children. I share all the good bits in my E-book, I figure if something helped me it might help you to.

        I’m not a hard core alternative hippie, I listened to the GP’s. But, I also enlisted the help of professionals who embrace a holistic approach to healing because I knew there had to be natural ways to navigate parenthood out there that wasn’t all woo woo!

        If your keen to know how I did it without toxic chemicals, grab yourself a copy of my book. It’s all in there and until the Mind Body Sleep event the 27th October2018 it is only $7AUD. So go get it! 

        The number 7 was my Mum’s favourite number, fitting for a book all about what I, as a Mum, have tried along the parenting path. My Mum imparted so much on me. One thing I always remember is her will to enjoy life, she didn’t need all the fancy stuff to have a good time.

        Enjoy the read, let’s get back to basics and start enjoying our lives. Xx


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